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Seeing mom and dad off was a tough one. They were here for a quick week, an ugly week in which I unpacked a million boxes, threw a BBQ, finished the first issue of SNOWBOARD magazine, wrangled other freelance projects, wrapped up my time at CINCO and even managed to squeeze in a couple days of “sightseeing” with them. We took a ride out to the coast, then up to Hood, on different days. Beautiful sights, hot as fuck.

REAL TIRED™ OF THE GODDAMN HEAT. Please relent, please relent.

They liked it out here, and at one point, talk turned to speculation about them “moving out here with me.” Wow. But then again, their home is in Traverse City, and at some point, I’ll move home to get closer to them. At some point.

- - - -

It sure is nice to have the gorillas of SNOWBOARD magazine outta the house. Been enjoying the silence and lack of “dude-ness.” We’ll be back for the attack soon again, I’d reckon.

Just working, shaping up freelance projects. Lots of good stuff coming down the pipe.

- - - -

Zimmerman, that hairless wonder, is still down in New Zealand suckling the nectar of the Kiwi spirit. He’ll be back to Oregon in a week, and then he’s gonna move in upstairs, and set up shop for the winter. Sounds like a plan. A contract will be inked very soon.

- - - -

Oh yeah, I’ve been sleeping in until 10am each day, more or less. That’s a good policy.

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Did you get those packages I sent you from your Mom and Dad? No comments about the nasty comments I made about you inside the boxes? I must say I’m mightily disappointed I didn’t make your web site. Oh well, maybe I don’t deserve it.
Uncle Pat

Posted by: Patrick Steele on 08/22/04 at 7:00 AM

On a more serious note, My son Brian is graduating from ITT Tech in Syracuse, NY on September 12,2004. I know he majored in basketweaving but I’m still proud of him. He has told me he is trying to get a job at a game company in Seattle called “Valve”? Does it sound familiar to you? I also told him to e-mail you since you may have some suggestions where to apply for a job. I will always be grateful to you
for talking to him a few years ago pumping him up
before he entered college. I really think it helped him. Why would he listen to his retarded father? Seriously, thanks again for your help. You are a great guy my friend. love Uncle Pat.

Posted by: Patrick Steele on 08/22/04 at 7:23 AM