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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 13, 2004
Our Last Day At Cinco
Posted at 11:35 AM


Today is our last day at the CINCO Design Office. Thank you, guys, thank you for everything over the last 25 months.

There Are 3 Comments

And in one last betting moment, Nakamoto, that fuck, took another $100 off us. That’s how it goes.

Posted by: Draplindustries Public Relations on 08/13/04 at 2:46 PM

That’s a whole lotta flo you’re walking away from. Godspeed.

I’ll lift a Grain Belt for you tomorrow night, to celebrate our new houses.

Posted by: Kurty on 08/13/04 at 6:41 PM

You’re sarcasm, good nature, gamblin’ spirit, honest opinions, midwest music, and overall I-don’t-give-a-fuck-ness will be greatly missed. You better meet us for lunch once in awhile.

Posted by: josh on 08/14/04 at 12:57 PM