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Here’s an outtake from the Grenade Gloves “Revenge of the Grenerds” shoot. Zimmerman did an amazing job with the shots. Zimmerman set up a good sweep/lighting system and even found time for some quickie portraits like this one. In the backgroud, just to the right of Zimmerman, you’ll see Asian Tony. He was running “crowd control” that night. No one messes with Asian Tony.

- - -

Matt and Nicole Kass left for Mammoth yesterday. You guys are always welcome here. They even left behind a new futon, for future “upstairs” use.

- - -

Yesterday was hot and mean, again. Ouch. Much progress was made in the setting up of the DDC Factory Floor, ran some errans, sweated, installed things, etc. Lots was accomplished for the house transition.

Clouds are over head. Phew. Some sweet relief.

HAPPINESS: After a long, hot Saturday, there was nothing like taking a cruise with all the windows down in the 72 degree night. Felt like heaven. Got back home and laid on the porch feeling the cool breeze…so nice.

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So when is the party?

Posted by: Kurty on 07/25/04 at 11:31 PM

Aarons: multiple persons named Aaron
Aaron’s: possesive; Aaron’s shit
Errands: getting shit done

Posted by: josh on 07/26/04 at 8:49 AM