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June 02, 2004
Posted at 10:17 PM

And like many sad chapters discussed, relished and celebrated on these pages, we’re woebegone (yet relieved) to announce that the house deal fell through. Funny choice of words, as the inspector found some crumbling corners of the foundation, which made all the difference.

Hopes were high, and once again, we get squashed.

We fight to stay strong. An air of “heavy-heartedness” lingers.

The inspector did his walk-through and for the most part reported “flying colors.” There were some small things to note, like reverse polarities of outlets, soil-to-wood infractions and cramped rain gutters. No big whup. Fixable, cosmetic shit. But, as we “sounded” the foundation, hunting for loose zones, we came across some ugly cracks. A couple swigs of a Big Gulp later, the diligent inspector looked up at me and said, “They might just be surface cracks. I’ll know if they are trouble when I get down under the place.”

Well, they trouble they were. The foundation was crumbling, and with a poke of the stick, the cement would crack off with very little effort. Now, this is commonplace, but unfortunate. Plus, with a good estimate and some back-breaking cement work, the corners could be fixed.

So I had a night to think about it, and well, this dismal-yet-common news soured my spirits real bad. Suddenly, that little house didn’t seem so big.
Suddenly, that “lean” to the garage was pronounced. Suddenly, the excitement was replaced with a anxious distrust for the whole fuckin’ deal.

So I pulled out.

- - - -

Back to the drawing board. Sonofabitch.

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“Keep on truckin, big man!”

Posted by: Ryan Clemens on 06/02/04 at 11:57 PM

Good move!

A cracked foundation is not good. I know someone that went through this very same thing. They found some cracks, the inspector said some of the same things. It could be fixed, it could be no big deal, etc.

He wanted that house!

So…he bought the house!

2 years later, the wall collapsed causing the whole back of his house to shift. He called his insurance company. They sent someone out and while the guy was there, another wall collapsed. The house was condemned and the insurance company for whatever reason, would not cover it. (You would think insurance would?)

Anyway, sorry about the bad news but…..Good move!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 06/03/04 at 5:03 AM

Glad you had that inspection; no matter how frustrating it turned out…..it was money well-spent. You made the right decision.

That perfect house is out there, already brought up to code, not just made “kissy” like these bottom-feeding sellers.

Good luck; we’ll still come out and help you move….

Posted by: momma d. on 06/03/04 at 7:30 AM

Thank god for inspectors!

Don’t settle on just ANY house!

There will be a better, cheaper house out there calling your name real soon!


Posted by: Sarah on 06/03/04 at 8:00 AM

Aaron, sorry to hear it fell through. However, you made a good move - it’s better to get a house that’s up to code than to fix stuff. Since it seems most of my friends have bought recently and my good friend is a landlord and a homeowner, he’s gone through some of this stuff and I’ve heard many a tale.

Good move, bide your time my friend, it’s out there.

Posted by: Naz on 06/03/04 at 9:00 AM

Now you have the money for the Rev B G5 coming June 28th.

Posted by: Kurty on 06/03/04 at 11:20 AM

Renting is a much better investment anyway.m Don’t sweat it.

Posted by: "permanent renter" capozzi on 06/03/04 at 12:46 PM

Invest in wine, women, and song.

Capozzi, update your website.

Posted by: Cris on 06/03/04 at 4:17 PM

Get a moduladubble WIDE out in the burbs, Cant go wrong.

Posted by: REdEYE on 06/03/04 at 7:59 PM


1. cheer up, as a homeowner w/ a few problems, I know it sucks to start w/ a house w/ issues. hang in there, “good things comes to those who wait”

2. tortoise kill’d it sunday! after a lame tour for standards, those guys are back on track

3. new david grubbs out tuesday, and it sounds great


Posted by: Jim McGinnis on 06/03/04 at 9:52 PM

went through the same exact thing last august. all the nickles and dimes started adding up in my head and suddenly a beautiful future looked like a potential nightmare. I’m happier now than i would be rebuilding a roof this spring, i’ll tell you that much for free…


Posted by: dano on 06/04/04 at 10:30 AM


Posted by: Coulda been you G on 06/04/04 at 1:55 PM