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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 19, 2004
The Inspection: Went Well
Posted at 06:24 PM


The inspection went very well. Some little things came up, but I’m told every inspection uncovers a list of things that could be updated.

It looks like things are “full steam ahead.” I spoke with the mortgage folks and we’re in the process of “locking a rate in.”

Next step is insurance options, and then figuring things out with the title company.

Tough stuff. Wears a guy out. Juggling lots of stuff.

- - - -

Very excited to see this one through. Gonna have a place of my very own.

There Are 3 Comments

Looks real nice, Aaron. I’m real jealous of your hardwood floors… I even have carpet in my kitchen that needs to be ripped the eff out… just nastiness. Put those built in shelves to good use.

Posted by: Kurt on 06/19/04 at 9:08 PM

What a great living room shot…..that pensive 11 x 16 picture of you and your father will look great framed and hung over the fireplace…..

Can’t wait to see the place; we are looking forward to visiting soon…..I still want to just fill the car with all your “stuff” here and drive out; dad won’t hear of it.

Posted by: momma d. on 06/21/04 at 8:20 AM


Posted by: bob on 06/23/04 at 5:26 PM