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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 11, 2004
Living Room Fan
Posted at 09:04 PM

I’m not one for sport, and chose a reckless set of “non sports” to guide my earlier days. I don’t pretend to know the first thing about “taking it to the hole,” nor do I give a shit about “Fantasy Teams” or any of that “D&D-meets-sports” shit.

I have been listening/watching the NBA finals the last couple weeks–guiding the freelance focus–and find myself rather partial to those Minnesota Timberwolves and those San Antonio Spurs. Kevin Garnett, wow…somethin’ else. Graceful, powerful. Tim Duncan, what a class act. TNT has a “game a night” and man, while I’m pounding the keys and clicking the mouse, I find myself screaming out occasional “Oh yeah!” and “Fuck Yeah!” with clutch shots.

Last night’s Timberwolves/Kings game was amazing. Overtime. And Minnesota won it. Heck yeah.

As long as those Lakers lose, I’m cool. Not down with them.

- - - -

And fuck, the new Ballpark Frank commercials are it. Watch all of them.

“By the way, I’m Frank. (Bite.) Nice to meetcha.”

- - - -

In other news: They come, and they go.

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With the possible exception of Mike Ditka’s 85 Bears and Sparky Anderson’s 84 Tigers, “Sports” are for dumb jocks, frat bros, and Huey Lewis (and the News). Big waste of fuckin’ time, money, logos, etc.

If it ain’t “extreme,” it ain’t shit. Wheelie-walkin’ dirtbikes dropping out of helicopters into active volcanoes, that’s what I like.

Posted by: "Sweetness" Chmiel, #34 on 05/11/04 at 9:55 PM

Man, Aaron, my body ached from the stress of the Wolves game last night!

Settle down, trucker.

keep shit civil on here, farty.


Posted by: Draplindustries Public Relations on 05/12/04 at 12:07 AM

LAKERS FUCKIN’ ROCK!!! FUCK the Spurs and the horse they rode in on! I will say “GO WOLVES!!”

Posted by: laker super fan on 05/12/04 at 8:43 AM

Fukcin A gramps you tell it like it is. Those T-wolves are rippin’ it. And I fuckin hate the NBA. Buncha rappers trying to play ball.

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get the part as “Frank”. They’ll be sorry later when that fuckin’ guy loses 135 pounds from eatin all those “dogs” and moves on to a herim of bangin bitches on the next Joe Millioaire. Expect a call my friend.

Things look good. Real GoodŽ

Posted by: HAKER on 05/12/04 at 12:40 PM

I HATE THE LAKERS. Learn how to shoot a God Damn Free throw!!!

Posted by: Clemens on 05/12/04 at 1:25 PM


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