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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 26, 2004
Appreciation Is Felt
Posted at 07:07 PM

I�d like to take this opportunity (I mean, how many times do I �pass up� an opportunity to yap a bunch of hot air on here?) to tell all the well-wishers who�ve stepped up, either publicly or through back door emails, �Thank You� for the nice comments, pointers, “fuck yeah’s” and general radness from so many angles. I appreciate it so much.

This step has a been a big one for me, on so many levels. It’s been messing with my head, in good ways.

01. It settles me down out here in this big West. Yes, much ado has been made about �moving home� back to Minneapolis or �somewhere in that big ol� Midwest.� Each fact-finding mission back home has changed these plans, or added time out here. Things are good out here for me. Good job, friends with tools (already thinking, you shits.) and I know this corner of the state pretty well. Portland is good for me right now.

02. Makes me feel like some kind of �grown up� or something. This is the first step in recouping years and years of payin’ the man. Real tired of the �rent� world. Real tired of payin� someone else�s mortgage. No more. I�m typing this as the shittiest �house mix� blares above me through the ceiling. Real tired of apartments. To the people who live above me: Thanks for all the shitty beats.

03. New things to do. It�ll give me a reason to do stuff like, �Throw a mean BBQ,� and, �lay out in the grass under the stars� and other �outdoor living� adventures. The new yard is small, but has potential. Mini-ramp? Dirt bike track? Empty pool? Hmmm.

04. Makes my overall Oregon experience that much more amazing. I came here at a mere 19 years-of-age…green and mean. I remember the first time I came to Portland; Bry and Derek and I, downtown, looking up at the big buildings. After years of Detroit missions, this new city felt inviting and mellow. Still does.

We’re doing a little bit of, “Oh fuck, was that the right decision?” internal wrastlin’. But that’s normal, or so I’m told. We’re staying strong.

- - - -

Speaking of well-wishers, one Jon Baugh of Hopkins, Minnesota sent this one in, with these words attached,

“I’ve actually been in town for a couple days and drove by your new crib…Holy Shit! I friggin’ called 911 right away and snapped a quick shot with my Sprint PCS� camera phone… I am so sorry… Please let me know how I can help. Yer Pal, Jon Baugh”

Thanks Jon, for the warm wishes.

- - - -

The next step with the pad involves getting down and dirty and doing a home inspection. You bet yer ass I�ll be right there, alongside the guy with my maglite, digi-camera and wide eyes. With any luck, the homestead isn�t built on scorned tribal grounds, bottomless pits or old cemeteries.

- - - -

Until then, I chip away at the freelance duties and root those Timberwolves and Pistons on. Go KG, go Sheed.

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Just a few things about the new homestead. While you’re there for the inspection, drink a tall glass of water from the tap. I have the worst water where I live and you don’t think about it until it happens to you. It never hurts. If they have a water softener, look at it to see if it looks like it’s laboring and full of shit. That can be a sign of bad things.try to look at some wiring behind a wall plug. If the wiring is really old and looks burnt that is something for an inspector to see. I noticed your faucett comes right out of the wall above the sink. Is there access to the pipes under the sink or do you have to break the wall down if something should happen? Good luck with the inspection! The place looks really nice. I hope all is well with it! You deserve the best! ROCK ON!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 05/27/04 at 6:18 AM

Smell around for cat piss too.

Posted by: Kurty on 05/27/04 at 7:02 AM

we’re proud of you, draplin. can’t wait to check it out and throw a shrimp on the barbie. don’t forget your yard-less friends on the west side. oh yeah, listen to uncle terry. bad water is a total chafe— bad taste, corroded pipes, stained laundry, stinky showers… CHECK IT.

fingers crossed for the inspection!

Posted by: RG on 05/27/04 at 10:29 AM