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May 23, 2004
Shins: Got Loaded
Posted at 01:42 PM


Got loaded last night while those Shins were playing.

…bashed, befuddled, boozed up, buzzed, canned, crocked, drinking, drunken, flushed, flying, fuddled, gassed, glazed, groggy, hammered, high, hosed, in orbit, inebriated, jolly, jugged, juiced, laced, liquored up, lit, lush, merry, muddled, oiled, on a bun, overcome, pie-eyed, plastered, plowed, potted, seeing double, sloshed, soaked, sotted, soused, stewed, stoned, tanked, tight, tipsy, totaled, wasted, zonked…

Loaded. Pickled. Tanked. Wasted. Wrecked. Blitzed. Fuckin’ Wasted. Hammered. Tipsy. Howling At The Moon. Ryno’ed.

“On a Bun?” Hmmm. Sure.

I got home, managed to get a couple glasses of water in me (…the flushing out of the venom in the plumbing), fixed up a mean sandwich (…the soaking up of the venom inside), took a hot shower (…the washing off of the “big night out” smoke layer), then sat down and fought off the sleep demons for well over an hour (…letting the old body right things a bit before shut-eye.). All this bullshit, just to fight the hangover I was facing this morning. Considering the state I was in, I kept my cool…which was key in this situation.

This morning: Well bitches, I won! I feel like a million bucks. Maybe, 870,000 bucks, but still, feel victorious.

- - - -

C R E D I T S :

The painting featured in the enebriated post is by Angry Johnny, of basically no fame or recognition for his masterful, mid-’90s Dinosaur Jr album art paintings. This guys is fucked up, man. He’s “zonked,” if you know what I’m sayin’?

Special Thanks to Sherowski (writer, author) for getting me home in one piece. “I love you, man. No, I really love you, man.”

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Posted by: Kurt on 05/23/04 at 4:36 PM