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April 23, 2004
Hey Jesus: So Glad It's Friday
Posted at 10:03 AM


Jesus H. Christ, are we glad it is Friday.

Guys like Chris Soli and Josh Nelson…those fucks are glad it is Friday. Take Evan Rose, we’d put a couple bucks down on the hair-backed assumption that he’s glad it’s Friday. Goo didn’t say shit about this and well, some things are better left unsaid, but, we KNOW he’s down with Friday.

I mean, take Ed “Little Hands” Morales. The guy just wears a smile all week long, but for the love of all things Beaverton, he’s got to be glad it’s Friday.

The fuck who drags our trash out at 6am, waking up every soul within a three block earshot; the way he drags that shit, we’d bet he’s glad it’s Friday.

Be glad. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

There Are 2 Comments

those bastards got me down once… then i remembered it was friday and i spat in their faces.

Posted by: styles on 04/28/04 at 11:55 PM

people who don’t get the whole T.G.I.F. thing are
fuckin’ communist assholes….Ooooh SA’s 99 hotdog 2 for ones. Its Friday.

Posted by: HAKER on 05/03/04 at 9:30 AM