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Had a “heart-to-heart” with Brad from COAL headwear last night. Hashed out some ugly details, lined up our projects and ended the meeting with a firm handshake for COAL’s 2004 design look & feel. Brad’s a standup guy, and well, we’re real proud to be of service to him.

After our heated, high-level negotiations, we cruised down to Zergebel’s, and met up with their respective “better half” units. We went out for a celebratory meal at the Montage. Good people, all of them. Sitting at our table…a clothing designer, oil painter, headwear designer, outerwear designer and DDC Factory Floor janitor…wow. I find myself so thankful to be surrounded by such creative individuals. (Goo and Fran should have been there too. More badasses.) Thanks again to Brad for supper.

- - - -

01. Happy Birthday to Scott “Hair Issues” Zergebel. Dirty Thirty.
02. Happy Birthday to Dean “Lung Butter” Gross. Dirty Thirty.

Guys, it’s over. Give up. 30 is old. I turned 30 and well, things seemed good. I had a gal I loved, a job I loved and good town to call home. Not two weeks into it and I got dumped by that gal I loved, my job got tough and well, it started to rain real hard in Portland. Life is a bitch and so it goes and goes and goes and goes, so with you guys turning thirty and all, I thought I’d warn you a bit and offer up a, “Watch yer back. Things might get wild.” Men, we wish you the best and many more good years.

I’ve been doing my damnedest to kick the hell out of my 30’s. My 20’s are still hurtin’, as we did our best with what we had to work with, and you can take that one to the bank.

- - - -

Oh yeah, I’m going to check out a possible joint today. Real excited, goddamn. It’s official: We are going for it.

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Never give up comrade!
Just carved in a nice little notch in my proverbial belt for “Year 31” myself, and well, it’s a whole lot better than 30. Not sure why. It’s just better.

cc: me on tha b-o-a-r-d grfx cousin

Posted by: Peanut Butter on 04/16/04 at 9:45 AM


how goes it? 30’s aight. it does seem more serious tho.

I know 2 realtors if you strikin’ out, they’ve done many friends justice. also have a good mortgage broker if ya need it, she kill’d it for us last year on a re-fi

enjoi-ing cc-ing those dark nixon ads


PS did I see you @ the chopper party? I yelled out but someone whom I thought was you kept on walking…

Posted by: jim on 04/16/04 at 11:47 AM

Tucking away the advice for when the time comes.

That house! Rocks! It has pinstripes! Plus a red stoop. I dig.

Posted by: Naz "Still in m' twenties" Hamid on 04/16/04 at 11:58 AM

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…….

Yeah, 30 is real old! You figure you only have another 32 to 35 years of fucking work before you get your social security benefits, if that’s still around then. Let me tell you, the teens and twenties are the hardest. After that, if you did it right, life should ROCK! I’d say you did a pretty good job, and your 30ies are going to be great for you.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….and the best is yet to come!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 04/16/04 at 2:24 PM

We’re buying a house in Detroit. Swift Scout’s getting a back yard greenhouse for sure. He’s got his own savings account for it now.

Posted by: Kurty on 04/16/04 at 2:37 PM

That “possible joint” is awesome, Aaron. I hope you get it and I look forward to consultations about decorating it, etc…..

Dad has several “things” he wants to send out….surprising things in different “stuff” categories. Just your boxes of artwork, books, collectibles in the lower level storage could fill a closet…..not to mention the much-desired “yard-art” (flamingos, etc.)…..I may have to rent a U-Haul or mini van to get it all out there.

Good luck and I am waiting for the inside pictures…….

Posted by: momma d. on 04/17/04 at 10:03 AM

Aaron, you early 30’s are years to recover from your 20’s, and reflect on you teens. And prepare to get old and still be cool.

Posted by: Gary A. on 04/17/04 at 1:46 PM

Gotta be like me. eh?


We need inside pictures!!!!!

Posted by: Sarah on 04/18/04 at 12:31 PM