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April 15, 2004
New Wilco Goodness
Posted at 09:15 AM


Been running this one a bunch.

Turns out some fans have organized recent crystal-clear live performances of the new material into the upcoming tracklist, and have been distributing it for some time now amongst each other. I think the fact that Wilco offers up the final mix as a preview shows complete confidence in their music and momentum. People will still buy the album.

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The so called “crystal clear” live tracklist is the actual studio recorded album. Tweedy wanted a “live” sound, so people got confused thinking there was no way this was the final mix of the album, especially after YHF’s studio sparkle, but it is. It had been out on the intranut for a month at least before Wilco put it on their own site, only no one had the final track “Late Greats”.

Posted by: Kurt. on 04/15/04 at 10:02 AM
Posted by: Naz on 04/15/04 at 10:53 AM

“Hey guys, this alt-country thing isn’t really working out so well, and my rhyming dictionary lyrics are kind of sucking. Maybe we should try a new quasi-artsy, kind of ‘classic rock’ sound? I’ll kind of make the new lyrics pretty ‘cryptic,’ and a little ‘weird,’ and we’ll sound a lot ‘deeper’ and more ‘intellectual.’ Let’s give it a go, eh?”

-Jeff Tweedy, former member of Uncle Tupelo (god’s chosen band), overheard after a couple of failed “rock out” alt-country-rock records that sucked.

Posted by: Ryno on 04/15/04 at 7:46 PM


Posted by: Kurty on 04/15/04 at 10:42 PM

Ryno, you are a goddamn fool with this hatin’. Hold on tight to whatever you’ve built up in yer head with this “anti-Wilco” shit, you fart. It means zilch.

The rest of us laugh. You are missing out on some amazing shit.

Coheed and Cambria? Yeah, there you go, farty.

Posted by: Draplin on 04/15/04 at 11:40 PM