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01. A call from mom.
02. A rainy day, followed by a sunny one.
03. A smooth plane ride. Make that a smooth “take off,” specifically.
04. Big calendars with big numbers.
05. A call from a friend in LA.
06. A call from a friend in New York.
07. A call from a friend in Minneapolis.
08. A call from a friend on the beach.
09. A smile from a young lady.
10. A warm bed, with clean sheets.
11. An episode of “American Chopper,” if you really want my opinion.
12. A DDC pillow/handwarmer/totebag from Bry Aleshire.
13. Guys like Hilton, Capozzi, McBride and Dinenna.
14. An email from Goo.
15. A night out with Goo and Zergebel.
16. Coals in the fire.
17. A bad haircut.
18. A full tank of gas in Big S.
19. A stocked fridge.
20. A hot shower and a clean towel.
21. New socks. One can’t argue with the power of new socks.
22. The new issue of Magnet.
23. A plane ticket back to Michigan, to see those parents.
24. A plane ticket to Chicago, to see the city and friends.
25. Documentaries. We love ‘em.
26. A tuned guitar.
27. A band called Milton Mapes.
28. Some Thai food.
29. A slick G5 rig, running smoothly.
30. A lunch out with coworkers.
31. Talkin’ shit on iChat.
32. Walking to working and forgetting to look.
33. A massage from Julie “Strong Hands” Kahn.
34. Silver Sharpies™.
35. Magical Go-Go products.
36. An old hat you forgot about from the summer of ’96.
37. Alaskan Railroad memories.
38. A phone call from my sister Sarah.
39. A phone call from my sister Leah.
40. The last 30 minutes of “The Bridges of Madison County” on TBS.
41. A salad and piece of pizza from Vincente’s down the street.
42. Old jeans.
43. A Craftsman doublestack.
44. Cool drinking water.
45. A Black SS Rover on my wrist. So good.
46. The feeling of “coming up with something.”
47. Altoids Peppermint Strips.
48. A daily click at Boochakanan.
49. That big leather couch.
50. Clean Portland air.

There Are 2 Comments

Wow! Number 1 on the list,,,,,pays to kiss up to yo’ mamma:

Four days left; time to prepare the proverbial spaghetti sauce and make some cookies for my little boy.

Hope you know how to shovel a roof…..

Posted by: momma d. on 02/21/04 at 8:32 AM

Shit, man. Wish I was headin’ home. It’s a sweet thing. I’m livin’ too Thomas Wolfe now.

Maybe I’ll hop a train back some day.

Posted by: Ryno on 02/22/04 at 6:02 PM