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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 09, 2004
Kurt Weekend 2004
Posted at 11:05 PM

We got a little play over at Kurthalsey.com. (Click the link, for all in attendence.)

It was so good to see our little buddy from Milwaukee. As cute as ever, the little sprinkle was a welcome addition to the DDC Factory Floor. As was his new girlfren, Loren of Detroit. She was strong in spirit, soft in voice and a “real breath of fresh air” in the normally musty, moldy DDC flat.

We spent a good day together. Went shopliftin’ at the Diesel store (“Do these come in “Husky” sizes?), perused alternative comics at Reading Frenzy and ate like kings in the “You-are-lucky-if-you-can-choke-it-down” vegan hipness of the Vida cafe.

Kurt’s show went off with a hitch at the Bink Gallery. There was a handful of illustrator types and a couple wide-eyed, pasty chickadees. The kid does pretty well for himself at these gigs. (Hell, he better be pulling down the big loot…considering the bite those two took outta that Diesel store. Phew.)

- - - -

Craig Thompson of “Blankets” graphic novel fame is doing well, with international plans taking him to France and Morocco and all points in between. His book is selling very well, with a hardcover edition hitting the shelf soon.

People are talking: “I thought it was moving, tender, beautifully drawn, painfully honest, and probably the most important graphic novel since JIMMY CORRIGAN.” –Neil Gaiman

- - - -

We’ve been taking a little break from the freelance action. A couple little projects are opened, tinkered upon, saved and closed every couple nights. Otherwise, we’ve been spending a lot of time cleaning, sleeping in, eating out with friends, reading, cruising around town, crying ourselves to sleep, scorning past love, reviewing applications for the DDC Girlstuff Dept., record shopping, record listening, playing the guitar, watching tube, stamping out buttons, filling O-A-M card set orders (keep ‘em coming) and counting the days down ‘til our little venture back to that flat Midwest towards the end of the month.

- - - -

SPECIAL BONUS IMAGE: Matt Cooley, waitin’ on a train.