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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 17, 2004
Posted at 07:52 PM

Enjoying my weekend, free of freelance pressures. Ahhh, the air is so clear and the day so long. Stayed up good and late last night, and slept in real late this morning, and well, we plan on doing much of the same tonight, and into the afternoon tomorrow.

Looked at a humdinger of a house today, and plan on pursuing it a bit. Thanks to Tommy for the encouragement and gusto.

Got to missing those parents real bad a couple nights back and purchased a ticket back to Traverse City. Enough of this shit. Six days on their couch. Real good™.

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Many, many thanks to all who have bought a card set. I appreciate the support immensely and hope–with calloused fingers crossed–that you fuckers enjoy them. We do our best, with varied results. Speaking of, there are still a good number of sets available, with a couple going out each day. Be sure to reserve one now. All details are just a click away, just below. THE SKINNY: A mere five bucks gets you a pile of “sorta annual” shit from the DDC. Guaaronteed Enjoyment, backed up my yards of postive testimony from pleased customers.

Details, details: The “Twelve Reasons To Keep On Living” 2002 Once-A-Month Card Series

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