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Draplin Design Co., North America

The Draplindustries Design Co. is teaming up with the Windy City linkmasters Coudal Partners as the January 2004 “Fresh Signals” guest editor. Any self-respecting designer, collector, web surfer, wonderer, artist and/or drinker oughta be checkin’ in and clickin’ away with these folks daily. Rarely do they let you down. Good stuff. Real inspiring.

They were also kind enough to mention our new affiliation, as well as our part in bringing you interesting links to fill up a day, and keep those bigtime important projects that are almost done, well, in a holding pattern.

We pledge to do a good job, so be sure to check in daily over at Coudal.

DDC Portland and Coudal Partners Chicago: Allies in the War on Linking.

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Click here for an earful: The “Better Really Late Than Never” 2002 Once-A-Month Card Series

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There Are 4 Comments


I would like to buy a card set but I can’t figure out how the hell to do it on your site! How do I do it?

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 01/08/04 at 8:27 PM

Just send me yer address, as I have a pile of sets for the Steele families…and I’ll ship them out! Great to hear from you, talk to you soon…. //aaron

Posted by: Aaron on 01/09/04 at 12:55 AM
Posted by: Ryno on 01/09/04 at 3:58 PM

I second Uncle Terry’s emotion. Couldn’t find the address in the original post, or elsewhere on the site. I’d love to order!

Posted by: f5 on 01/12/04 at 10:09 AM