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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 20, 2004
Watt vs. DDC!
Posted at 06:50 AM


I got the most amazing email this afternoon from Todd “Spod” Keeney way down in the Bay Area. Turns out Todd was interviewing Mike Watt for an upcoming documentary on college radio and well, a DDC hat I sent down to Todd was laying around. Turns out, Watt was into it. “Oh yeah, he took it. He wanted to keep wearing it (during the interview). I felt bad for making him take it off.” is what Todd had to say regarding my, “Well, did Watt make off with it?” inquiry.

So, we fall asleep tonight with dreams of Watt manning the boat on some hellride to the next gig, with one of our severely limited edition DDC hats on his head, protecting his thinker from the elements and his eyes from the settin’ sun. Real Good�.

More about Todd Keeney: I met Todd way back in the winter of 1995-1996. My first design job, I was his right hand man in the art department at the Nickel Ads. We built ads and logos for a multitude of sketchy car salesman and entrepreneurs. Now, this mentoring situation was shortlived, as the infamous “Nickelgate” went down, whereas many of the good folks I looked up to at the paper moved on to start the Northwest-famous Volcano magazine. I remember sitting through a smoky interview with the boss man and walking out with a lyric along the lines of, “Yeah, I understand yer duties have doubled with the recent changes. Tell you what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna adjust yer hourly rate accordingly.” Motherfucker gave me a 25� raise.

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I have one of those “severly limited edition DDC hats” in black, in mint condition. Watch for it on eBay. Opening bid $5.00, so I can afford to buy one of them “once a month DDC card set”. Jim and Lauren should be proud of their son, well at least Lauren should be proud that you take after her when it comes to smarts. Looking forward to seeing you when you return to the parent’s couch. Take care!

Posted by: Good Neighbor on 01/21/04 at 6:33 AM

How can we trust that it wasn’t Brad Berling’s photoshop handy work placing that DDC cap on Watt? I mean, if he can make Bill Belamy’s face reflect and wrap around the chrome fender of a souped up street car, then…

Posted by: Mini Berry. on 01/21/04 at 9:41 AM

Hells yeah. I am proud to now say that Mike Watt wore the same colour DDC hat that I proudly own. And get this: we’re both bassists!

DDC: Covering bassists’ heads everywhere™

Posted by: Naz on 01/21/04 at 11:47 AM

Man. Oh man. Wow.

Posted by: Ryno on 01/21/04 at 2:53 PM