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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 21, 2003
Posted at 12:27 PM

Long week behind me. Almost. CINCO is busy as fuck, all the time. Never ends.

Saw an amazing house this morning. Fingers are crossed.

Might cruise down to Reno and on to Mammoth for Thanksgiving. 700 miles is a long way to reflect on how much I’ve got to be thankful for. Each way. Rose, Chief, Bridges, Michaylira and Kass will be there…maybe do some riding, do some chowing, knock around in the snow, etc. We’ll see if Big S is up for the journey.

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I have not kept up with you enough and miss you dearly. Hows it going on the mental front? Have you been doodling or painting lately? Seen any good bands lately? Whats your main motivation for waking up lately? Call me some time if your feeling down or up, I could use the conversation(being alone w/ eva alot and all). I know you probably don’t need any advise about house hunting BUT, here is what I was glad to know about puchasing for resale. Location, location, lo mo-focation. Buy a semi-slum or out dated place and fix it up draplin style. Most repairs are pretty cheap and your inspector should tell you everything that needs to be fixed. Carpet sucks(because it is hard to keep looking new), small kitchens and small bathrooms suck(because they are the most used rooms by multiple people at the same time). When you make an offer, make sure to ask for as much stuff as possible(appliances, lawn mower, rakes, washer&dryer, new carpet, New shower curtain liner, NEW toilet seat, ETC),as well as fixing all repairs specified by inspector, ALSO offer less than what they are selling for. You only get ONE chance to make the FIRST OFFER, then there will be room for many COUNTER OFFERS back and forth. Make your realtor WORK for your money, the realtor is only in it for their cut of the FINAL OFFER, so don’t listen to em if they don’t think your offer is reasonable. You’ll be thinking about where your money is going EVERY MONTH after you buy, and if you have to keep buying more stuff for your house to keep it up, it might be nice to either have everything taken care of at closing or get money back at closing to cover everything. I know that I hate to Shoulda, Coulda, or Woulda. Love Bry

Posted by: Bry on 11/25/03 at 1:58 PM

Now folks, that’s a “comment.”

From a brother of mine, back home. Wow.

Thanks Bry. Thanks. Miss you.

Posted by: Draplin on 11/25/03 at 4:37 PM

That was really good advise from that Bry-guy. He’s right on!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 11/25/03 at 6:02 PM