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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 04, 2003
Posted at 12:09 AM

We’re on our way down to San Diego later this afternoon.


01. Goo – CINCO big cheese, weekend surf scrub, Volvo driver.
02. Dean – CINCO account managing, real “loose”, Audi licker.
03. Aaron – CINCO production artist, heat avoider, Volksfuckin’ Passater.

Big plans. Meeting with the folks from Nixon watches, walking the show, carousing with asshole colleagues on the mean streets of SD, etc. Same old shit, different September. This’ll be my fourth San Diego ASR tradeshow in a row. Hmmm.

Real excited to get this one behind us. Lots of projects leading up to this weekend. Things should get a little closer to “normal” once we get back.

Melissa is “watching” Big S while I’m on the road. Please, my love, be more than careful while cruising around town. For the love of God…Jesus, Mary and Joseph, be careful.

We’ll be back on Sunday afternoon.

- - - -


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There Are 3 Comments

You let Melissa have Big S?? Good luck. I lent Katie the Jetta and I wound up with one headlight and no grill. I’m sure it will be fine. Have fun in SD.

Posted by: Rod on 09/04/03 at 9:06 AM

Howdy Aaron,

I was hoping to pick up a couple of tees for myself and for the little lady. Did you happen to screen up any small size tees? If not maybe we can shrink a medium. What have you got for colors left?

Hope things er good. And we hope to see ya around sometime. Have a fine day.


Posted by: Adam on 09/04/03 at 9:35 AM

Raise Hell in Big S, Missy!

Wish I was there to trash the treasured automobile with you!

Why don’t you return my friggin’ calls, bitch!?!?!?!?! I have Vegas stories, baby!


Posted by: Sarah on 09/09/03 at 3:27 PM