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Draplin Design Co., North America

Not too much to report our section of Hawthorne Ave.

Lots of the same. Gocco printing, making catalogs at CINCO, running with the Oh-Kye gals, prepping the factory floor for the Midwest Adventure, etc.

Beautiful days, these days are. When I wake up it’s about 58 degrees. When I come home it’s about 73 degrees. Real nice. October is a Portlander’s dream. Dry and cool. Excited to see it show up.

More excited to spend a good portion of my October in that Midwest. Thirty is a big one, so at least I’ll be in a comfortable place to transition into my new decade.

30. Motherfucker. How about that shit?

- - - -


Melissa started school yesterday. Lots of jitters and deep breaths. She’s gonna do just fine. Very excited for her and this new chapter in her life. She’s 26, intelligent, forward-thinking, compassionate and hot-to-trot…all good qualities for a gal climbing back into the ring of academia. We wish her the best of luck in her new adventure.

Girl, those days of swillin’ booze and howlin’ at the moon are over. Time to buckle shit down and study.

- - - -

Ange’s roots are growing out. Strawberry blondin’.

- - - -

Kris was out here for a week and managed to drive the DDC Factory Floor completely crazy two or more times. We love here, but need to take a deep breath from time to time to maintain our “cool.”

- - - -

And in one last Okins-reltated bit, we’re pleased to share some good news: Ma Okins, or, “Mary,” to all of us here at the Draplindustries Design Co., sent me an amazing, fantastical gift. Turns out she was at a Willie Nelson concert, and in between flashing and dancin’ she managed to snag a hat he was wearing onstage and threw out to the crowd. The man is a dynamo, shakin’ hands, wavin’–alternating hats and bandanas–all through the show. Anyway, she sent it out here, and it is our second item in our Willie Nelson Museum. The first item is a concert-only souvenir “guitar.” Rickety and misshapen, it has the most beautiful screenprint on it–as well as a comrehensive “hits” list–of the man himself, a true American Treasure. Thanks to Ma Okins for the amazing gift.

Ol’ Willie should is right up there with Old Faithful and The Grand Canyon. A National Treasure.

- - - -

Lots of Gocco action is being laid down. Nightly, actually, as we try to “wrap shit up” before our mission home. This one is gonna be a winner. No shit.

- - - -

Just about sold out of T-Shirts. We have some random XL’s left, so if you are interested, drop us a line. Many, many thanks to the long list of fucks who purchased one. Much appreciated. Lots of satisfied people. Thanks again. The next run will be even better.

There Are 4 Comments

Goddamn it. Wow.

What a fuckin’ treasure.


Posted by: Ryno Headed Stranger on 09/24/03 at 4:03 PM

Melissa - my dear, dear, long lost friend from the upper midwest tundra… I miss you greatly, but sounds like all is well out west. Kick ass. I’m wishing you the best of luck in that crap called ‘college’ - we all know how much we loved school!!! Also… how do I go about ordering one of those shirts?
Love all’ya Okins Girls - Oh yeah, you too Aaron.

Posted by: Jazz on 09/25/03 at 7:04 PM

Listen beeyatch, when the money comes the Gocco hunk will be sent out - besides, you’ll probably produce more than I’ll ever get out of it.

Posted by: NegB Resellers on 09/26/03 at 9:40 AM

The check is in the mail. Package that beast up and get it ready. I need it bad. There is nothing more dangerous than being crippled by a broken Gocco machine, especially at the height of a serious bout of productity.

Don’t fuck this one up, Rose. This is yer chance to redeem yerself after many a failed deal between NegB and DDC.

Shave it!

Posted by: DDC Gocco Div. on 09/26/03 at 11:19 AM