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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 01, 2003
Posted at 01:14 PM

A new month. The rent is due, as is the car payment. All that shit is in order, so breathe easy.

One more month of summer. I can smell a nice, wet fall right around the corner. It’s been a nice summer.

- - - -

Melissa and Ange locked down a place. Just a piece up Hawthorne, up around 34th or so. Real good. Excited for them. Even more excited to see those cats off. I love them and all, but man, they are little troublemakers…scratching, shedding and climbing. I’m not a “cat person.”

I’m a “My-clothes/things-don’t-have-white-and-black-hair-all-over-them” kind of person.

Their move will be better for all of us. Most importantly, the “dyamic duo” will have their own joint, for school activities and make-out parties and shit. I’ll have the Factory Floor. Dark and mean. Melissa brightened up the joint, she’ll be missed.

- - - -

CINCO enjoyed a somewhat mellow week.