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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 14, 2003
People come, people go.
Posted at 09:36 PM


People come, people go. With news of sad passings, comes news of hopeful beginnings…

Chris and Gretchen Hötz (of NEMO design and SUGAR LABS haircuttin’) are expecting a little guy, with the parent-approved name of “Eero.” It’s got a good ring to it…”Eero Hötz.” Not bad, not bad.

Let it be known: Having the Draplindustries Design Co. as a colleague comes with a wealth of fringe benefits. We’ve been known to “go for it” when it comes to house warming, marriage and little-angels-straight-from-heaven gifts. Oh yeah, we come through in tough times.

Gretch and I go way back, a good decade or so. We’ve had adventures in Alaska, our share of mean landlords and pillaged through a laundry list of dudes & chicks between the two of us. What a trail of carnage.

Little Eero should start his little life well outfitted. We came to this conclusion after much thought. We put our ears to the ground and put the feelers out. We came up with the perfect gift for young, rugged little tyke who’ll be sure to wear holes into the knees of his jeans: Carhartt Bibs, to fit little fuckers who fall into the ages of 12-24 months. We’ll take solace in the fact he’ll be clothed with the usual array of sleepers, diapers and such for those first 12 months, but man, after that, we’ll sleep easy knowin’ he starts–and ends– each and every goddamn day in these little canvas duck britches.

We even tattoed them with a motivational message–that, unless the little scholar learns to read in the next couple years–ma and pa will have to relay to him when he’s of proper age.

We wish him the best, as well as his parents.

There Are 4 Comments

Way to start ‘em young wearing the brown. Sorry to hear about your uncle.

Posted by: Rod on 08/15/03 at 6:54 AM

great gift for the little one. esp. like the advice on the inside leg.

hopefully his knees won’t bleed while breaking them in!

Posted by: jim on 08/15/03 at 7:30 AM

Goddamn, “Uncle Aaron.”
Ya make me all teary eyed. I’m about ready to go off and spit out some little fuckers of my own so you can mentor them while I’m bellied up to a bar with some skirt, and their mom is off ballin’ her fool head off at the laundramat.

Real beautiful shit, my man.

Posted by: Ryno on 08/15/03 at 12:58 PM

Y’all are lucky I can’t upload pictures…..

I’d show those hand-embroidered Oshkosh overall jeans that little Aaron used to be decked out in…..or his star wars shirts and pj’s…..or that Michael Jordan outfit…..I just wish I would have taken pictures of him and his buddies trying out that faddish break dance mat…..

Not till he was almost a man did he convert to that Carhartt philosophy…..sorry we didn’t dress him to be a mean little f***’r….

the old folks at home

Posted by: momma d. on 08/17/03 at 2:52 PM