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July 07, 2003
Things have been pretty busy
Posted at 11:36 PM

Things have been pretty busy around the house. This summer has been a seemingly non-stop array of guests droppin’ by and spending time at the house. Don’t get us wrong, it’s nice to be loved and all, but man, it is never-ending.

Melissa’s parents shoved off today. We had a good weekend complete with brewery meals, a trip to Mt. Hood and a quick loop out to Astoria and down through Seaside. Good folks, it’s always good to see Melissa so happy around them. They are on their way back to Minnesota, heading back after a couple days here in the city. One big loop out to the coast to see their daughter. They’ve had quite an adventure. Come back soon.

Cam Barrett of camworld.org shows up in about an hour. The DDC airport shuttle will be making a run out into the night–in the wee hours–to pick him up. He’s coming out to attend a programming conference as well, do some general hangin’ around the factory floor. We’ll do some meals, roll the sleeves up on the computer and see some sights. Should be good.

Completing the cycle of “vistiing Okins” (see the “Hobo Kris” rants from a couple weeks back) will be celebrated with the arrival of little Ange; destined to arrive in a couple weeks. She’s moving out to be with her sister; hoping to start a new life out here in Portland. It’ll be good for the two of them, as they are pretty close and see eye-to-eye on a handful of issues. Plus, it means this string of rampant company will be coming to an end.

After the last dirty dog shuffles out the door, we are going to install a barbarian-style wood door latch; which will be in use well into the fall.

- - - -

In other news, Melissa’s love for her cats has reached an unparalled level as she digs into some delicate investigation regarding Minh’s latest bout of “hair licking.” Seems that the little guy is nervous or something and has been licking little spots damn near bare on his back and hind quarters. Sure, the normal level of wafting cat hair is something to curse, but we’ve been noticed some abnormal clumping, much worse than the average biscuits left in the kitty litter box.

- - - -

The production involving the annual DDC “Once-A-Month” card series has moved into high gear. Those Gooco engines are firing up for one final hurrah. Coming soon. No shit.

There Are 3 Comments

Kaja’s cat has an allergy thing that causes it to scratch and paw its cheeks down to hamburger every summer. It keeps rubbing and rubbing its face until its a bloody, raw mess. They get a shot from the vet for it, and it stops, and the nighmare face clears up. Maybe something similar is happening to the Factory Floor rodent.

Posted by: Cat-Man R on 07/08/03 at 8:33 AM

Aaron, I fear that the lack of comments from your friends other than Ryno and I is going to start making you feel like this whole website is a waste of yer time… What’s up with your friends? You even called them out a few entries ago, telling them to chime in… I fell pathertic enough checking your site 23 times a day looking for new posts, let alone not finding any. I know PJ checks your site 37 times a day… he must be a shell of a man by now…

Posted by: Dude Halsey Kurtrikson on 07/10/03 at 12:05 PM

You hanging in there? Lots of spelling errors in yer last post,which leads me to wonder: Is this lack of craft due to tears and fogged glasses? Hope not.

Stay strong and keep yerself focused on the future T&A you’ll be sure to slay.

Posted by: Draplin on 07/10/03 at 12:30 PM