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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 30, 2003
Posted at 01:22 PM

Went bowling last night–the first time in well over six pin-less years–with more than favorable results. Not that the scores were high or worth mentioning, but in the spirit of sport, competition and warfare, we’re proud to say the Draplindustries Design Co. Black Balls beat out both Okins’ and a Josh too. The games were close and all in attendance put aside the normal “what’s-uuuuuup’s” and “that’s-what-I’m talking-about’s” to instead focus on the mental game at hand. It was hotter than a dog’s breath in the musty joint, with no reprieve.

A good time was had by all, especially those Black Balls, as they slaughtered all who shared the lane.

We look forward to the next bout. A buck for shoes, and a buck a game. Real good.

- - -

TECH TALK: The CINCO Design Office is in the process of “switching over to OS X” on our Mac machines. We like to call it “Oss Ex”. Just about the whole joint is up and running in the new operating system. Shaky feet at first, but like anything that is “easy to use”, the transition to a whole new ball of wax seems to be going smooth.

Goodbye, dark ages.

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OS X huh…..ol’ WhiteBear’s cave has yet to make the upgrade. Still rockin’ the 9.1 or something along those lines. Growl.

Posted by: WhiteBear on 07/30/03 at 1:32 PM

The Oregon City Rollers are challenging the Black Balls to a bowling match. Your turf or ours. Bragging rights for the metro area are at stake…………

Posted by: Oregon City Rollers on 07/30/03 at 2:54 PM

OSX - “hey bro, you gotta make the transition, it’s easy to use, and everyone else is doing it.”

potential rebuttals:
1) A lot of people do a lot of things, like listen to Dave Matthews, and they fucking suck, so there.”
2) Everybody is doing it huh? Four words: “Turbo janked out workstation.”

Posted by: Jankster on 07/30/03 at 4:57 PM

been using osX for the last 2 weeks been enjoying all the updated & new native apps like imovie3 & isight…let me know if you get one of those webcams we can conference and i can show you all the top secret LEGO stuff!

Posted by: roger on 07/30/03 at 7:46 PM

I haven’t crashed once all week. No shit. On the ol’ 9.2.2, crashing was an hourly thing. Nothing like losing some data here and there.

All you naysayers: No shit, it ain’t so bad. The general interfaces are a bit goofy and candied, but, I’m sure that’ll be refined as and customizable as the years go on. I like the stability and ablity to “multitask.”

Download files, load iTunes, run a big P-shop file, whatevs…all at the same time. Unheard of for a pre-Oss Ex Mac user.

This tool pays my bills. I gotta back the technology.

Posted by: Draplin on 07/30/03 at 8:25 PM

not all cinco is making the oss-ex move, pal.
i say NEVER.

Posted by: david on 07/30/03 at 9:50 PM

OSX, welcome to a whole new way of computing. Having been a LONG TIME OSX user with way too many hours logged in way too many OS’s, I can honestly say, I won’t ever change!

Unless of course I’m forced to by the death of my computer and the lack of funds to buy a new one. I’m back at 9.2.2 right now and I absolutely hate it - I used to be a huge OS9 fan.

I just love being able to batch process 50 photos, write a CD, render After Effects movies, and capture video in Premiere all at the same time - not to mention browsing, checking email, running Fire (multi-IM client), using a local terminal (YEAH!), and publish web sites locally with full Apache module support. I can get more done with one healthy OSX machine than 3 or 4 classics.

way too much.

Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 07/30/03 at 10:03 PM

Well, well…ol’ Nakamoto rearing his ugly head on here, eh? He tries to play hard to get, but we know he reads this shit day in and day out.

David (aka “Nakamoto”, “Waka-Waka-Moto”,”Sad Smurf”,”Dragonbreath”,”He Who Gets His Work Published In Big Design Annuals”,”Asshole” and “The Growler”) is a proud “anti OSX” user, absolutely refusing to “move over” to anything past, say, OS4 or some shit. Hell, word is the sonofabitch is running a souped up, hand-held Donkey Kong video game with a 512k SCSI hard drive hotwired to it or something.

Get out of the dark ages…open those shades…come out from under that cloud little buddy, a wealth of pirated software (Jagu-Arrrrrr) awaits yer nimble touch.

See you in the air-conditioned trenches.

Posted by: Draplin on 07/30/03 at 11:06 PM

Making the change right now too. The camels back has been broken. Have had a day of tech support, lost files, and to many crashes. Crossing my fingers that this all works right and I don’t lose another day and another file.
Anyone know much about new scanners? Need to get a new one here soon. My trusty Umax damn near melted the the place down last night. My pockets aren’t deep though.

Posted by: jerms on 07/30/03 at 11:18 PM

I don’t get the reluctance with everybody. OSX is fine. Bought my rig OSX equipped, figured it all out fast - cake. It works, makes sense, etc. Motherfuckers just like to play the “old school” role with shit a little too much.

I imagine a real reluctance at the turn of the century for men to give up knickerbockers. “No way, man. The whole fucking world can start wearing long pants—I don’t give a shit. I’m not fucking changing. Pass me that bottle of snake oil, my back is kind of sore ….”

Posted by: Ryno on 07/31/03 at 7:12 AM

I’m a lurker on the fac floor, but when the talk turns to OSs, I gotta raise my hand and shout a little bit.

I know all you creative types (OS X supports .ttf!) are big on macs, but honestly it doesn’t get much better than spending a maximum of $800 to build and fully equip your own PC, cram it with pirated software and run from there, fully customizable, fully flexible, a huge and powerful bargain. A computer crashing once an hour is inexcusable, no matter what and how much of it you’re running. I’m probably not gonna win this fight, but I’ll always be fighting.

(On a sidenote, it’s nice to leave your old (shitty) jobs with a bang AND a handful of ram, a virtually unprecedented move in the world of factory delivered PPCs .)

OSX, use it at work, definitely impressed by it after having a series of issues with OS9. the UNIX shell is the way to go, the terminal, rendezvous NICE — Mac is definitely moving in the right direction with its attempt to foster an open source community. If these words don’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. They \will some day.

Lingering problem: An IE equivalent browser has yet to be established in the macworld, even IE itself has alot of bugs. Safari? tabbed browsing, no frills, status window if you know how to turn it on. It has a lot of potential, but still can’t correctly render css……….kind of a joke.

Bottom line, I admire you professionals for the caliber of work you are doing and the way you use the given tools to produce art. But sometimes it pays to think outside that box that you use to think outside the box. That’s my only point.

Posted by: technical point on 07/31/03 at 9:27 AM

Hey Jerms, I had to upgrade scanners too when OSX came into my life, and I picked up the Epson 2400 Photo for 200 dollars even. Blows my old Umax’s ass away. The scans of my ink drawings are almost “too good”, and I have to try to dumb down the detail it picks up- the fibers of the paper, the way the ink subtley bleeds off the lines… Crazy resolution.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 07/31/03 at 3:52 PM

Thanks Kurt, I knew someone would come through and share some scanning wisdom. Going to run out and pick one up tonight so I can finish some jobs.
Anybody up for some creative endeavors? I’m compiling a list of artist / contributors for the “nktrnl journal”. Email me at nktrnl@cox.net and I’ll give you the scoop here next week. I’d be stoked to see what your guys that post here come up with. Details to come next week. Yep AJD, I’m going to try on more time to get this zine type thing running. Thanks again Kurt. By the way COOL site.

Posted by: Jerms on 07/31/03 at 6:16 PM