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July 26, 2003
Posted at 11:44 AM

When Kong finished–a couple minutes shy of 4am–I gotta say that I felt a little deflated. The campy special effects that were state-of-the-art for 1976, feel painfully rudimentary with the hobbits and godzillas and shit of this era.

But I’ll say this, up until you actually see Kong, it is an amazing movie. The anticipation that builds, it sets you up so well. The exotic quality of naive prospectors getting into trouble on a “discovered island” is the best. The dynamics that build between Jeff Bridges’ “good” scientist role and Charles Grodin’s “bad” developer role set the approach to the island up perfectly. So bold and greedy. Grodin is the perfect rat.

The gate with the large, oiled bar is one of the best shots in movie history. Wild islanders–fearing something–offering up a sacrifice through the biggest set of doors imaginable. I remember being scared shitless at this point, so long ago. What was coming out of the woods? What was so big?

I was just 3-4 years old when I this movie came out, so I don’t know if Mom and Dad took me to it. Prob’ly not. I do remember the “Kong” craze that swept the nation. I even had my own version of “King Kong face” down pat, where I would get my underbite going real sinister, up over my top lip, like Kong himself.

- - - -

While looking for Kong links I came across a interesting blip: Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings fame) is slated to direct a new version of King Kong, with production starting in 2005. Whoa. I can only imagine what the beast will be like this time around, doctored up with CGI and such.

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There’s nothing like the original King Kong movie; a classic. You were too young and impressionable to see the remake of this movie, even though you were obsessed with the King Kong phenomena…..we had books for you, t-shirts, drinking glasses and of course that one-on-one opportunity of seeing him up close and personal…….that appearance of King Kong at the local dairy queen had to be tied to the opening of this movie at the Bellaire Theater.

If I had a scanner, those pics would be here for the world to see.

Starting with King Kong, you surrounded yourself with such favorites as the ‘credible Hulk, Star Wars, Legos, and the hard to find Yeti……

And, you created a long-time relationship with most of these early favorites (I am glad you grew out of the Sesame Street phase).

Posted by: momma d. on 07/26/03 at 4:46 PM

That was GREAT when King Kong came to the dairy queen. I can still see the expression on Melodies face in that picture. She was so freaked out by him.

Those were the days!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 07/28/03 at 6:13 AM

Yeah, dude. I thought King Kong was great! It was always hard to jump over those flaming barrels, though. They were tricky, the way they would fall down the ladders when you didn’t expect it, and squish you. That nasty ape!!! That’s why I always got the hammer and smashed the hell out of those barrels. It was easier than jumping over them, you know what I mean?

Posted by: Ryno on 07/28/03 at 11:08 AM