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July 03, 2003
Posted at 10:57 AM

Settle down truckers, settle down.

About the previous entry’s photo: Melissa–through forceful persuasion–combs the cats every couple days. She has to quarantine them, set ‘em down and then begins the process.

What you are seeing here is the “aftermath collection” from each cat. Those muffballs are a good two inches in diameter too. Jesus H. Christ. And this phenomena could be a daily occurrence as their healthy, thick coats could easily provide such output.

I’m thankful for her grooming efforts. I’d much rather see these little hairballs resting in the garbage; millions of nasty hairs lovingly collected in one fell swoop. Consider the alternative: All that hair could be gigantic part of the general population of existing stray hair wafting around the factory floor.

It’s a never-ending battle. Those frisky critters get into EVERYTHING, and along the way tussle and rustle just enough to leave a trail of disarray, puke, and tons of hair.

Melissa’s little sis Ange is expected for a late July arrival. They have plans of “getting a place together.” Our fingers are crossed. It’ll be better for all parties. They can enjoy the bountiful superfluity these cats give back to us humans.

There is One Comment

They have plans on “getting a place together” as in “Ange & the cats”, or as “Ange, Melissa & the cats”? I hope this doesn’t mean Melissa is moving out! Don’t let her go…she’s a babe! You can deal with the cats! I wish you would post pictures of the little critters like PJ does.

Oh yeah….Happy Fucking 4th!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 07/03/03 at 11:55 AM