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Draplin Design Co., North America


In matters photographic, digital and pixilated; the DDC factory floor has a new tool in the arsenal. After 18 months of damn near nonstop use, we retired our trusted Canon PowerShot S110 Elph digital camera. Our proud upgrade is the Canon PowerShot S400 Elph digi-beast. An amazing piece of equipment. Two words: Fuck yeah.

• Four, count ‘em, four megapixels.
• Beefed up 3X optical zoom
• Ergonomic upgrades
• State-of-the-art focusing gizmo

We located all the parts and pieces that belong to the S110, packed ‘em up in the original box and said our goodbyes. Looking back, we’ll share many a fond memory. We had a lot of good times together. Lots of good pixels were burned, many dark spots brightly lit up by his flash. Good times.

6631 shots! That’s quite a history together. But friends, we gotta say, all good things–be it electronic or otherwise–come to an end, and we had to move on.

In an odd attempt at winning Mom over, the retired Elph was sent back to her open arms. The ol’ S110 has a lot of miles left in him, and we know he’ll perform real good for mother dearest.

- - - -

Some shots from the last bunch of days…

01. “Dye to Live”
02. “Gigantic Asshole”
03. “Melissa’s Frankenstein Hand” (Cat attacks…no less.)
04. “Snell & Floyd: Friends Forever”

- - - -

Of course, a small update from the grind: Yet another big week at CINCO.

Real busy, on a multitude of projects. Catalogs, magalogs, ads, logos, etc. All sorts of action in the works. Nonstop stuff. I look forward to a break…but I don’t think that’ll happen considering the momentum “enjoyed” by all in the trenches. It’s all cyclical and I’m getting a good grasp of the scheme of things. The stuff just keeps coming and coming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY thankful for all the business. It’s amazing how much stuff we make. Blows my mind.

- - - -

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Whoa. Mustache.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 05/17/03 at 9:59 AM

i have the canon powershot s40. i have recommended it to over 5 people. we all love it…film-free fun.

Posted by: roger on 05/19/03 at 4:43 AM