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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 15, 2003
Posted at 11:38 AM

Mom, I’m sorry for the lack of updates.

In all honesty (and just a smidge of bending the truth) there hasn’t been too much to report.

Work is busy as fuck. Lots of Nixon, lots of Gravis…and so it goes. I think I’m heading down to Los Angeles for a mini “inspiration trip” with the Nixon watches crew. Goo and I will fly down–on large airliners–around the first of the month for a long weekend of checking out hip stores, looking at Hollywood-ish stuff and other “inspiring” phenomena.

I wish we were going on an inspiration trip to St. Louis or Chicago or hell, even Omaha or something. Those places just sound so much more interesting.

Los Angeles…well, in the spirit of being a “professional,” I’ll refrain from any naysayin’.

I will say this much: I don’t like Los Angeles. Hot, bright and busy…and, in the words of that parasite Steven Cojacuru (fashion consultant for People magazine), “Fabulous!” I do, however, respect the strategic benefit of checking the place out. Like it or not, many, many things emanate from Los Angeles. These things, for the most part, are not to my liking; but to a Nixon watch buyer it is a whole different story. That is why we do what we do.

So yeah, work has been busy. Real busy.

- - - -

On the homefront: Melissa–bless her heart–is still unemployed, “diligently” looking for work. She’s on the prowl, so that’s good.

The cats are like little rodeo ponies running up and down the hallway, across the hardwood floors, only to jump up on a window sill or two, clearing out whatever items may have been perched in that window sill. Little fuckers. hair is everywhere…in the air and in my mouth.

The apartment is feeling smaller each day. Should we look for a new joint? Should I buy a house? Lots of questions.

The key is too stay focused on keeping the bills paid and the bank account in the positive. Saving the loot for future endeavors, be it buying a ranch for myself or hitting the road to walk the earth. Both sound good.

- - - -

Next week we are going up to the “Gorge at George.” (The town is called George, Washington…no shit.) It’s this gargantuan gorge theater…very big, very beautiful. There’s a big music festival going down with the likes of the Flaming Lips, Coldplay, Calexico, Liz Phair and a whole pile of others. Should be fun. Stand around in the sun, pay exorbitant amounts for stupid items like water and listen to tunes emanating from a gigantic stage. Fun.

- - - -

Things are going well.

There Are 3 Comments

Hi Aaron, you don’t have to apologize. You just have to e-mail me and let me know if you want the 33 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos that I have. I’m just trying to be nice to you, and I want to send them to you, but I also don’t want to send them to you if you already have them. I think you would like them as much as I do, and as much as I want Vanessa to like them too…

I think you should buy a house. I wish I could, but I am on the verge of the poor house. All I have is love, and that doesn’t get any one anywhere. I might be getting a studio downtown here, though. I’m trying to fanagle Ryno into splitting it with me, but he hasn’t gotten back to me on it yet. It is big enough to play basketball in. I’ll slam dunk on his ass. I’m going to drink a Dr. Pepper now. You can come visit us in Mpls anytime.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 05/15/03 at 5:13 PM

Hey Aaron,

Try to enjoy LA. I thought the coolest part was RODEO drive. I swear the dogshit is golden on that street. The dealerships were behind glass, it was all glittery. A far cry from the realities of the real world. How fucking unreal. How fake.

I bought this really cool watch in Chicago. It’s called an “Android”, (I know, stupid name, but it’s cool!) it’s a shinny chrome, thin, real nice, and it cost about 65 bucks. I’m getting quite the collection of nice watches, however I still don’t have a “Nixon” yet. Maybe someday! Chicago was ok, but just too crowded. You can drive for 17-20 miles and still be in a major city and major traffic. I would never want to live there. We went there to see this DJ by the name of Arman Van Buuren spin at a club called Vision. It was good, however I guess I’m past the point of that style of partying. It was nice to get away.

I would imagine you’re going to be walking around West Hollywood too. Thay have cool stores there, a little more in reality, however there is that walk of fame and you can check out the stars. (big whoop!) And, dodge the people begging for money. Hey, do I look like Brad Pitt? Take a hike!

Glad you’re doing well. Sounds like you’re really enjoying the “cats”. Send a hello to Melissa!

Take care!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 05/16/03 at 5:14 AM

I’m a working man, Kurt. I come home covered in filth. Ain’t nothin’ white but my eyeballs. Pullin’ case and layin’ pipe = haaaaaard labor. Gotta rinse off and catch a bar stool when I punch out. No time for phonin’

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

Draplin - we’re hooking the studio up. Fuck that ping-pong girlie shit … come to the 612 and watch me throw a dunk down on your ass. I’m like Bird, Oscar, Pistol Pete, and Russell all wrapped up into one bad-ass cracker.

Posted by: Ryno Garnett on 05/16/03 at 5:12 PM