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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 13, 2003
Saturday Night Festivities
Posted at 05:39 PM

Saturday Night: Rod Snell brokered a high-stakes deal with Sylvia and Ezekiel (of Boise, ID) for a birthday dinner at his ranch down south in Oregon City. Sylvia is an old friend from our early days at the Northwestern Michigan Community College. She was in town for a high school journalism convention. She’s a teacher out in Boise and a proud mother of young nine-year-old boy: Ezekiel. Last time I saw him he was no more than six months old, all hammed up on his beaming mother’s side.

Sylvia is still as striking as ever…all smiles with a hearty laugh that fills the room, followed by a couple syncopated snorts. Forgot about that laugh of hers.

The Draplindustries Design Co. set Ezekiel up with an art kit: A thick sketchbook, a set of colored pencils, 30-60-90 triangle, pencils, Sharpies™ and a little case to keep it all tidy. He’s quite the young artist and has a mom that will guide him onto great things. We’d like to think we’ve outfitted him “right well” on his journey.

Many thanks to Rod and Katie for the dinner and cake. Good people.

Pizza, cake, games and good conversation. A good time was had by all.

- - - -

Strung up the gee-tar with some new Martin SP strings today. Sounds like a sunrise. Goo and I stopped at a little (but amazingly well-stocked) guitar shop in the Alberta district to peep some new axes. The Portland Music Company is the business at the root of this purchase. I have my eyes on a beautiful, brand new Martin D28 Acoustic.Solid, simple, traditional craftsmanship and proudly built in Pennsylvania. An investment in the future of my strummin’. Real good.

- - - -

Kris Okins, of the “she’s kind of like a sister-in-law” variety, has a new site up. Melissa cracked the whip and I gotta give her a little press on here. Here goes: The deal is called “Polaire-Online” and offers up some interesting, crafty, messenger-bag-inspired bags, totes and other knick knacks. We wish her much success with her new venture.


Polaire-Online | Polaire-Online | Polaire-Online | Polaire-Online

There Are 3 Comments

Wow, I remember Sylvia. Cool to hear she’s doing well. I wonder who else from the NMC days is going to pop up and say hello. Dani 1 and Danni 2?

Posted by: Cam on 04/13/03 at 10:04 PM

Yeah, every now and again I’ll come across the remnants of my old NMC portfolio (ouch!) and wonder about the folks from our program.

The last time I was in TC I drove down to Chicago to catch my flight back to Portland. On the way down-instead of taking 131 through Grand Rapids–I went through Manton, Reed City and then Newaygo.

Which lead me to thinking about Danni. I remember seeing one of her high school projects–this album cover design project–where she is crouching low, in front of a brick wall lookin’ all tough and up above her is this green/pink type that says, “Straight Outta Newaygo.”

I still get a good laugh with that one.

Posted by: Draplin on 04/13/03 at 10:37 PM

Nice recap drap. It was good to hang with Sylvia and the kid. Your road trip post makes me jealous. Have a good time headin east. Who is Danni?

Posted by: Rod on 04/14/03 at 9:11 AM