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April 16, 2003
Operation: Retrieve Melissa
Posted at 12:48 AM


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Bring ‘er back safe, you Road-Weary Romantic.

Precious Cargo n’ shit.

Take a shower before ‘ya leave, and put on some cologne or something. Maybe buy some flowers or somethin. Ladies like that stuff.

Posted by: Big Rig Ryno on 04/16/03 at 10:58 AM

To Ryan’s list, you should add getting rid of or at least empty the piss bottle before seeing Melissa.

And possibly cleaning up all the missed shots to the piss bottle in your car…

Posted by: T-bone Maniotes on 04/16/03 at 3:06 PM

…and deleting all of the more-incriminating and tasteless porn from HD of said laptop (you know, from those “late, lonely nights” when you just happened to stumble upon it while doing a freelance-related image search for LEATHER LATINA M.I.L.F. UNCENSORED TOILETCAM).

Posted by: HammerTime Ch'mile on 04/16/03 at 3:28 PM

PJ, are you avoiding me?

Posted by: Kurt "MIA" Halsey on 04/16/03 at 3:52 PM


You search for LEATHER LATINA M.I.L.F. UNCENSORED TOILETCAM images too!!!!

Six degress man, 6….

Posted by: Jamie on 04/18/03 at 3:31 PM