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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 05, 2003
Name Dropper
Posted at 01:56 AM

Aw, why not. I spend a lot of time of this “information superhighway.” I got a couple stops, of the “long lost little buddy” category, that get some lovin’ from me basically every day. I expect the same out of the readers of these words. With that said, waste some minutes at the following sources. It’ll give you a good idea of the sort of folk we choose to run with when the going gets hot.

PeeJay “Hoss” Chmiel
Lots of activity, and well deserved at that, down the way at pjchmiel.com. Hordes of sad-sapped sonsabitches are leaving trails of broken sentences and broken code all over his newly updated “daily word” section. That rat-bikin’, meal-documentin’ motherfucker–who has a grocery list of strident convictions that keep him as sharp as a tack–is worth a visit each day. They broke the mold with this high seas marauder. Enough talk: Get over there and get it on.

Kurt “Ballsey Halsey” Fredriksen
Kurt Fredriksen is still gently stirring up things with his supple paint flicks, pastel jabs and honey-voiced shit talkin’. Our question: How does Vanessa–of such high caliber and class–keep this little shadowdancer in line? Take a stroll through his work, maybe you’ll end up sheddin’ a tear or callin’ a long, lost love. All in all–through the thick, and the thin–we remain brothers.

Ryno “Just Plain Mean” Simonson
While we’re down real low, get a little bit over at Ryno’s Super Duper Backslashin’ Webworld.com. He’s been busy, gettin’ all tangled up in computers and two-by-four’s. Do some clickin’ around on here, you’ll be sure to enjoy yer stay. And of course, he’s fighting for Kirby.

Evan “Flaccid But Determined” Rose
Lots of new DDC “lowgos” over at this shaving shithole. Get a (down)load of his latest post, lots of DDC mentions. Does a website good.

- - - -


1. Answer the phone like a man. You got a little lady to protect.
2. Cuss all you want…but only around men, horses and cows.
3. Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.
4. When you’re throwin’ your weight around, be ready to have it thrown around by somebody else.
5. Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier ‘n puttin’ it back in.

There you go. Give it a good read; you might learn something. I’ve been around a couple more moons than you, and take pride in coaching you toward the right path.

- - - -

CINCO UPDATE: Whoa man, things are in high gear. Gigantic productivity was enjoyed by many, grumbled by few, all week long.

- - - -

I’m heading off to pick up Melissa in a little under two weeks. Her parents are going to bring her across the Dakotas and I’ll grab her in Wyoming. Then we’ll turn around and cruise back. This whole mission is going to go down “Cannonball Run” style. Big S is gearing himself up for the mission. Here’s some links that always get me fired up for the open road.

Kodak’s American Mile Markers | Roadside Americana | Roadtrip America

(Man, these little clickers get my fuckin’ blood boilin’ for that open road!)

My roadtrips are my most hallowed chapter of my life. Feeling free, from state to state. You see SO much, for so long day after day. Sensory overload. The digi-elph is charged, the sketchbook is empty. Take it all in.

- - - -

And now, we offer up a collection of “design culture” links worth yer wondering eye:


These links get me inspired…keeping in touch with interesting, creative things going on out there…

- - - -

Stay tuned, “The Mother Of All Posts” is coming soon, with all sorts of good livin’ to be shared with you, the reader of this somewhat daily wire.

There Are 20 Comments

Jesus, you mean THIS wasn’t the Mother of All Posts? Wow. Lotta good stuff here, and thanks for the paragraph. I’m a big fan of those roadside websites too…wish I was the one who got to do the Kodak “American Mile Markers” deal… so amazing, and addictive.

I think I recognize some Cowboy Wisdom in the section to Kurt…excellent. And the pastel link: priceless. But you’re still missing one thing on this site: Maniotes postin’ some of his favorite Spinach Pie recipes. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Hot-Damn Chemille on 04/05/03 at 4:22 PM

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Posted by: Draplin on 04/05/03 at 4:46 PM

Free Kirby!

Yeah- they already did.

You have to be careful when you’re a celebrity, even more careful than one of us normal men trapped in this world of cold, heartless, mean-spirited, soul-sucking female types. You’ve got some $$$ in the bank, all a girl’s got to do is blow the whistle, and everyone’s ready to condemn you.

Much love, Big Drap. Thanks for the re-occurring shout-outs. You’re a HellaDude.

Promotional Note:
Everyone go buy the new Songs:Ohia “Magnolia Electric Co.” CD and/or LP. It is goddamn brilliant, and an early frontrunner for the 2003 Ryno Award.

Posted by: Ryno "I guess I'm just an Asshole, than" Simonson on 04/05/03 at 5:11 PM


Posted by: Bad Grammar Ryno on 04/05/03 at 5:14 PM

I’m both flattered and inspired, Aaron. You forgot an “e” in my last name though. Pure Danish. I’ll have Vanessa get back to you on how she keeps me in line… I’m guessing it’s with this goddamned “sex diet” that she’s got me on…

Posted by: Shadow Dancer Halsey on 04/05/03 at 9:39 PM

although it might be fun, because i am of such “class and caliber” i will restrain myself from commenting on the shit-talking, pig squeeling, spell checkin’, shadowy nature of my partner - the one, the only, kurt halsey frederiksen. as for the “sex diet” as far as i can tell the only restrictions on his intake include dairy and animal products. i believe he refers to this as veganism (see pj’s recent comments section for further info). i think should be offended at this comment, but well…you know…what could i say that he wouldn’t take seriously?

Posted by: vanessa on 04/07/03 at 8:01 AM

Careful, Vanessa.

You’re about to get turned into a sad painting.

Some creepy, hand-written text like:
“She Put Me on the Sex-Diet “
then a picture of Kurt (Milhouse) pulling his trousers open and looking in, with smudged - out pictures of “some mystery girl” floating in the background. I’m seeing a lot of salmon, teal, dusty tan, and some easter-egg purple. Maybe a toy - like a yo-yo or a paper airplane somewhere.

Posted by: Ryno on 04/07/03 at 12:27 PM

I propose that Ryno and Kurt, who “know each other’s styles intimately,” have a paint-off, wherein each does “the ultimate” painting in the other’s style, and shares the results with us online.

Ryan could paint something cute and sentimental, with a theme of lost teenage love, and Kurt could paint something rough, combining sports, drinking, roadside Americana, creepily-articulated hands with extra joints, haggard faces, and pirates and/or cowboys.

Anyone else think this would be awesome?! I would love to see it and you could auction the finished paintings on eBay to raise money for Christian 9/11 victims or kitty rescue societies…

Posted by: HammerTime Ch'mile on 04/07/03 at 3:00 PM

I’ll do anything for the kitties, PJ…

Posted by: Kurt "For Kittie's Sake" Halsey on 04/07/03 at 3:54 PM

How do I get started on the Sex Diet? Kurt, can you point one of your cutie indie-rock/goth admirers my way, just as a suppliment? I’ve been “malnourished” for so many moons now that I’m probably starting to give Ogaz a run for his money…

Posted by: Strode-N-Bowles Tra'meel on 04/07/03 at 5:57 PM

I like the idea of a Ryno/Kurt paint off.
But…does Ryno still paint or make art? Outside the fine arts of insulting people and finding defication web pages I mean.

Kurt does not look that much like Milhouse. Besides, Johnathan took the Milhouse championship at MCAD anyway.

Aaron, congrats on your one year at Cinco. Sounds like this place has been good to you. I’d like to see some of the design you have done, even if it’s in the rotating image section of this page.

And PJ, I posted that recipe for spinach and rice, not spinach pie, to appease your vegan Jedi ass, so get it right. I never give out the recipe for spinach pie outside the family anyway. Besides, Draplin is a true blue meat eater, so I’d honor that if he requested a recipe. (Lamb or shiskabob is easy to make Aaron).

Posted by: Word Up Maniotes on 04/07/03 at 11:40 PM

Thanks for the kind words Draplin. Instead of linking people ot my site, I’ve deiced to let them see the gooey goodnes right here in my comma, coma, cement, seamen, comment.

Posted by: Ephan Roose on 04/08/03 at 9:51 AM

Mr. Rose. Goddamn, that’s some hot coding, you’re a bad motherfocker. I’m a fan of your site, your design work, and your taste in ephemera. Anyone who’s a friend of Draplin is a friend of mine, all day long. Good work and nice redesign.

Posted by: HammerTime Ch'mile on 04/08/03 at 10:14 AM

To those who check in here before pjchmiel.com :

In response to the Kurt/Ryno paint-off challenge … click my name.

Big ups to PJ for the posting assistance.

Posted by: Paint-Off Ryno on 04/08/03 at 3:20 PM

Just plain mean. Brilliant though, at the expense of little Kurtie.

Kurt better retaliate, and soon…while things are hot between the two of ya. Take a break from being cute, and get mean.

Couple of assholes, both of ya.

Posted by: Draplin on 04/08/03 at 4:00 PM

Drap, if you don’t mind, I posted your war icon graphic on the band website and gave you the props. -Pablo

Posted by: Pablo on 04/08/03 at 4:07 PM

Wow, Ryno did a good fake Kurt.

I can’t wait to see Kurt work in the insult/profanity/defication genre to parody Ryno.

Don’t make Kurt angry Ryno…you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…

Posted by: Word Up Maniotes on 04/08/03 at 6:59 PM

You guys will have to wait awhile for a “Ryno” inspired knock off piece by me. It may be awhile, but it will come. I just have to wait for 2 things before I can get going, because if I’m going to do it, I want to be sure to do it right-

1) Spring Cleaning season, so I can garbage pick and dumpster dive and find some old wood or dry wall to work on. Maybe I’ll hit the jack pot and find an old chalk board or ping pong table.

2) for Jo-Ann Fabrics to have a clearance sale on all that bottled “craft” paint so I can stock up on Ryno’s favorite colors and mediums.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 04/08/03 at 9:10 PM

I’m laughin’ - Kurt - for now.



Posted by: Ryan Alan Simonson, "Good Sport" on 04/08/03 at 9:48 PM


For the Ryno Retaliation Project: I could rustle up a couple cans of stray house paint for you, and hell, I might have some stray junk mail stickers that could be used too. If you are gonna do it, do it right.

Here are some trick of that fucker’s “trade”:

1. Menards’ clearance rack.
2. Marked down Easter candy, obscure brands.
3. Splinter-filled shantytown roofing.
4. Minnesota Twins Commemorative SuperAmerica 80 ouncer plastic cups, y’know, for mixing those hues.
5. Paint late and yodel loud, while others try to sleep.
6. Use giant words to justify a collage involving hunter orange, baseball legends and the occasional set of crude, knotted, knuckled fingers.
7. Say things like, “You don’t get it.” after no one gets it.

Good luck. This forum welcomes yer finished project, so aim straight.

Posted by: Aaron "Fuel On The Fire" Draplin on 04/08/03 at 10:04 PM