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March 09, 2003
Still Clogged
Posted at 07:37 PM

Things still aren’t right in my head. The sinuses are playing some sort of cat-n-mouse game, tricking me here and there. Things are aching, things are clogged…these “things” will dissipate and come back again and again. The runny nose has been replaced by a congested, dry ache. I’ll wake up feeling real good, hoping for the best, and like clockwork, around 2pm or so I’ll be all off-kilter and messed up.

I just want to be “well” again. It’s been 12 days or so of this garbage. Enough already. It is sort of holding me hostage. I’m glad I’ve got my freelance demons at bay, otherwise, things would be ugly.

Saturday afternoon… Saw Rod Snell yesterday, as well as Fred Green. I ran into Fred downtown, amid a serious bout of suffering. We crossed paths in Ozone records. I brought him back across the river, as he was going to the Laurelthurst Pub to check out some long-haired backwoods band. Hmmm. Rod came up from Oregon City and we tended to some errans and enjoyed some Thai food on Hawthorne and 40th. Good stuff.

- - - -

On a bright note: Melissa will be here on Tuesday, and let me tell you, that’s better than a whole lotta things. I miss the gal real bad and look forward to hanging with her this next week.