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March 19, 2003
Breaking News:
Posted at 10:16 PM


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I pretty much watched the news all night. It’s MOST ANNOYING that they say the same shit, over and over. Maybe Dan Rather is in early stages of dimensia. (I thought he was dead!)

This whole war thing makes me sick. I do believe that this guy needs to be taken out. If you’ve ever watch the history channel, you would see the most outrageous shows on Iraq. That guy is so evil. Those people are not citizens, they are hostages. We are so fortunate to be from this country and to have the chance/opportunity for education and work that we do. We are so blessed. It sickens me that the US is paying for this (You & I), but we aren’t fucked. Let’s just hope they don’t use weapons of mass destruction on our troops. I think the Dixie Chicks are fucked. They spoke their mind, and now they are getting repercussions. This is a free country…That should not be happening. (That is almost as big as that time Senade O’Conner ripped up the picture of the pope. That ruined her career!)

Anyway….we’re seeing major war in our life now, and hopefully this does not cripple our economy. I don’t agree with it, all I can do is hope it’s the right thing. You just don’t know until the outcome if it was right. We’ll see.

Posted by: Terry on 03/20/03 at 4:58 AM

I shook from the moment they said Junior Bush was addressing the nation in 15 minutes on, all in nervous anticipation. It’s amazing how you just keep the tv on and the internet connected all night, just wanting to know more and more.

Posted by: Kurt "With Laser Guided Precision" Halsey on 03/20/03 at 6:27 AM

Nice Graphic! That’s what I’d like to see more of on this site, and less yellow/black text areas. I’m with you 110% on the war/gloom/doom bummer front. It’s amazing how our president can act like a Cowboy, doing whatever he wants in the face of very vocal protest from his own people and basically every other country in the world, including most of our “allies.” What a joke and a farce. Unfortunately most Americans are lazy and apathetic enough to “warm up” to any idea if exposed to it long enough, so long as it’s pitched right on TV.

Posted by: PJ Chmeille on 03/20/03 at 7:21 AM

Hey PJ, have you ever seen that WWE wrestler “The Big Show”? The new “Goutee” Draplin looks just like him now… Wonder how Melissa like smooching that rough patch…

Posted by: Kurt "WWE" Halsey on 03/20/03 at 8:39 AM

It is not so comforting to see my son in such a state of contemplation and worry…..we are all with you, Aaron, our state of minds much too full of the news, the endless speculations, the endless pictures of “what” is now happening……

We have to trust our government, after all, Bush doesn’t really do anything……it’s Chaney, Powell and Condy Rice that are working the strings of that presidential puppet.

I am not happy with any of this; my heart is in my throat, my mind completely full of worry and dread. One life lost will be one too many…..

Let’s hope it is over quickly and ends in our favor, whatever that may be……

I think there should be a boycott of every Susan Sarandon movie, every Barbara Striesand album (yuk), every Keifer Sutherland tv show and cinematic effort, every thing that every “celebrity” whoever spoke against Bush has done (and, there are hundreds of these vocalese), that is, if we can’t let the Dixie Chicks voice an opinion…..I am playing my Chick’s cd’s non-stop, cowboy.

Love from yo’ sad momma, who could use a hug, even if it meant dealing with that goatee……lookin’ good!!

Posted by: momma draplin on 03/20/03 at 9:06 AM

I thougth Martin Sheen was president? Hmm…maybe I’m watching too much tv! (Or maybe I’ve been drinking too much with the Bush girls!)

Posted by: Terry on 03/20/03 at 9:24 AM

the UN, all nations on this one planet that we share says no, and Junior Bush say its a go. when the shit hits the fan, he and his will be pretected, it is us the 90%+ of people who just want to live a half decent life at best that will be left worst of. when in history has invading force not conquered?

Posted by: witheld b/c of fear of homeland security on 03/20/03 at 10:28 AM

Sonofabitch! They couldn’t wait until after the NCAA tournament to launch their little imperialist attack? I’m trying to watch hoops here. The bastards are trying to get us pissed off at Saddam by ruining the greatest sporting event this side of October.

To hell with George Bush - bracket ruiner…


Posted by: March Madness Ryno on 03/20/03 at 11:42 AM

There’s only one side to root for in this war!

Go Wildcats! (all of ‘em)
(except the ones I didn’t pick
-they know who they are)

Posted by: Bracket Master Simonstud on 03/20/03 at 11:45 AM

It’s a freakin’ media-circus horrorshow. The media couldn’t wait to exploit this: realtime dispatchs of the carnage; 3-D diagrams of our missiles and weaponry; charts and graphs; scoreboards and endless commentary from the talking heads. It’s reality TV at its finest folks. What’s next - the the Operation Iraqi Freedom half-time report sponsored in part by Nextel? Because you know Viacom, Sony, Warner Brothers, Disney- they’re all in bed with the government. They run this country. Keep those Americans stupid and drunk on entertainment and we can control them. Sounds a lot like ‘Brave New World’. If you haven’t read it yet, please do yerself a favor.

And we’re the fools tuning into this shit. I say, turn off the tube, say a prayer for the troops and get back to connecting with your community.


Posted by: Eric on 03/20/03 at 1:43 PM

Yeah. Turn off the tube. There’s no hoops on it anyway (unless you’ve got cable - then turn to ESPN, lucky bastard).

Radio’s where the imagination is. And no 3D diagrams of Saddam’s bedroom.

Go Blue Jays, Quakers, Orangemen, Terrepins, Golden Hurricane, Torreros, Demon Deacons, Ducks, and Sooners!

Posted by: Pissed-As-Hell-Simonson on 03/20/03 at 3:35 PM

Big ups to the

Congrats to the Dan Majerle fans in Traverse City, as well as the Central Michigan alums in the Draplin Family. A nice upset victory today over a very good Creighton team. Any non-wolverine type entity from the Land of the Hand is good with me (save Calvin. eeeech.)

Hey, are we at war or something? What’s all this shit on TV?

Thank god for my Cable-TV friends with non-talking head viewing options.

Go Spartans.

Posted by: Chippewa Ryan on 03/21/03 at 1:00 AM

I was kinda pissed about missing the second half of the Bachelor - Where are they now? special…but I guess our networks have priorities..even if they differ from mine! Even MTV had it on…reminds me of 9/11!


Posted by: Sarah on 03/21/03 at 12:15 PM

Good graphic. Sums up how I feel well.

The nations faces terrifying times. A complete and utter idiot in the White House motivated by oil profit and whoring out for corporations. On top of all that, we have Draplin’s new strange beard!

There really should be a DDC TV like the logo says…

And Ryno? Basketball still sucks. Can’t you post on something less boring like maybe concrete?

Posted by: Andrew "yeah I'm back" Maniotes on 03/22/03 at 7:04 PM

Andy, you want to talk about posting things, I’ll post your ass up in the paint. Bring it. I’m a hoops master. Feed me the pill, I’ll give you a little head fake and then WHAM! You’re on the ground watching me finger-roll the rock into the hoop.

Go Spartans!


Posted by: Ryno "Hoops Machine" Simonstud on 03/24/03 at 11:18 AM

I agree with Andy on 2 points:

1. Draplin’s beard-thing is indeed terrifying
2. With Oregon’s humiliating first round exit, there is now no reason to follow the NCAA tourney

In other news, Halliburton has been awarded the $500,000,000+ contract to “rebuild Iraq’s oil facilities.” Congrats to them! (although there still is that little problem of “pacifying” a nation as big as California…) And to think some people thought having former board member Dick Cheney in office wouldn’t pay off. Cha-ching! Here’s a toast to Cheney and Rummy’s vision for A New American Century.

Posted by: Matthew on 03/26/03 at 3:47 PM

That is a kool-ass graphic there Aaron!!!! How much extra does it cost to get the DDC channel out in Southern Cali?


I’m a little late to this forum, so I’ll save my sorching analysis of this Bull$$$hit war brought on by Bu$$$h junior $$$erving only the interests of the wealthiest 10% for another day. But I’ll kindly add that the Ol’ Regan Regime currently in Washington is doing a bang-up job of provoking those already not in favor of a United States Global Empire. You don’t have to look any further than Chiapas for a peek into the future of things to come.

Posted by: Jamie on 04/18/03 at 3:18 PM