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March 02, 2003
Out Of The Woods?
Posted at 11:06 PM

Spent the whole weekend trying to rehabilitate. I don’t know if I’m out of the woods either. I still have sinus pressure, that seems to fade away, then the runny nose comes back, I clean things out, and the irritation starts back up. Real tired of blowing the nose.

Pretty worn out. I feel sluggish and spent. My head feels cloudy and heavy. Being down for the count has allowed me to think about a million things, including: buying a house, staying in the northwest, my family, Melissa, my job, the upcoming summer, the monthly budget and of course, the “meaning of life.”

All heavy stuff. Too much thinking.

I actually look forward to getting back to work, being around the crew and being busy. Hopefully that will convince my constitution to snap out of this slump.

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In an unrelated matter, is seems Aaron Draplin is going to be forced to answer that Age Old Question:

Exactly how many Okins girls can you fit in one newly purchased Portland home?

Posted by: matthew on 03/03/03 at 11:51 AM

Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling good, my bro. I’ve been “under the weather” myself lately, though my ailment is more in the “goddamn long-gone cold, lonesome, when-will-this-winter-be-over blues” category. Perhaps clicking on my name below, and spending a few moments getting to know the Texas Peacemakers, you can find peace. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Posted by: Phil "Sundown Jim" Chmiel on 03/04/03 at 7:04 PM