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March 15, 2003
Melissa Flew In On Tuesday.
Posted at 11:34 PM

The week has been a good one. Hanging out, enjoying big nights out and hearty grub. Seeing friends, watching tube, laughing and general horsin’ around together. It’s good to have her back out here. Shouldn’t have left in the first place.

We caught Sea and Cake & Califone at the Aladdin Theater on Wednesday night, caught a “real story behind the 1991 Gulf War” documentary at the Clinton Street Theater and enjoyed yet another documentary on the “mullet phenomena” also at the Clinton Street Theater. Good times.

A good routine: Work a good day at CINCO then go out with Melissa for good grub and good entertainment.

In news of Melissa’s return, she made things “permanent” with the acquisition of an Oregon driver’s license. She has plans of attending PCC (Portland Community College) this fall, and needs to get all her ducks in a row for the registration process.

This new license is the center of much talk between us. Turns out Melissa passed the test with flying colors on the first try. I, on the other hand, didn’t do as well. It took me three times to pass it. Ha-ha, laugh it up. All I can say is, that DMV had something against me. They gave me the “hard test” or something. Persecution comes in many forms.

Melissa had this to say: “You are such a dipshit.”

She’s flying back to Sioux Falls tomorrow afternoon. Some sadness is felt, but for the most part, a calm peace looms knowing she’ll be back in six weeks to shack back up for another run together.

- - - -

Jay Farrar has a new record coming out. It’s titled “Terroir Blues.” Highly anticipated by all on the DDC factory floor. It’s coming out on his new label, “Act/Resist Records.” His own label? Hmmm, interesting.

In yet another cryptic move by Farrar, one has to wonder what the hell the title means. “Terroir” means “soil” in French. “Soil blues.” Read into it what you will.

- - - -

Scott Sullivan and Natalie stopped through on their way up to Seattle. We did a little settling up on his album design. Good to see them. Good people. Scott was on his way out to the East Coast to shoot some snowboarding at a Burton contest or something.

There is One Comment

I’m going to see Farrar on wednesday. You should check out PJ’s site. He paid me to make a custom background for him, one that would shack him up with a special lady for sure. It took me about as much time to make it as I’m sure Cooley spent on his website.

Posted by: Kurt "Vegan French Toast" Halsey on 03/16/03 at 6:44 AM