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March 10, 2003
Late, Late Sunday Night
Posted at 02:25 AM

And just as the weekend was wearing down to a non-descript, sad, soft-yet-sinewy little nub, I had to come across a link that is not only absolutely mind-blowing, but chock-full of item after item of amazing peculiarity.

Got some time to kill? “Busy” at work and need something to pass the time on the boss’ dime? (I know, I know.) Get that mouse-a-clickin’ right here, and take a tour through Mr. McClintock’s home.

I went through his every drawer and nook…reading, wondering, collecting, bookmarking, etc. I don’t know what else to say. Very good.

That goddamn link took me well past midnight, up to about 1:30 in the AM.

- - - -

Then, then, then…in yet another moment of “you oughta be sleeping” masochistic fury, I went and clicked on PJ’s site, just to see if the sonofabitch had the decency to fill us in on his last 7 or 8 meals.” Low-n-behold, I spent another 10 minutes of coveted beauty sleep hanging on his every word.

Hell, even Ryno made his way onto PeeJay’s update and fucked me up with this little gem.

Facts are stubborn things: Every time I check into PJ’s site, I get a hankering for a meal. It’s either the dilectible descriptions or the seductively-saturated “record shots”; something inside me makes a little room for a couple bites.


There Are 2 Comments

Can’t… Keep…. Up…. With Your…. Onslaught Of… Entries…. Too… Much…. PJ….

Posted by: Kurt "PJ PJ PJ" Halsey on 03/10/03 at 6:11 PM

That McClintock deal is dangerously thorough. But that’s what the web is all about: people who have nothing better to do, sharing little tidbits and exposing their lives to whoever will “surf in.” At least, that’s what my website’s about. I agree with Fred, about the update overload. Shit Fire!

Posted by: Haws S'Chimmel on 03/11/03 at 11:27 AM