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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 30, 2003
Interesting Reading
Posted at 09:10 PM

Got some time on yer hands? Here’s some interesting reading that has kept me up late at night in the last bunch of days:

A hero. Bookmark this gem and visit him daily: Michael Moore.
- - - -
Diversified communites are productive and thriving.
- - - -
I smell rats. Be sure to read the list of those who support this so-called “Aim for global leadership.”
- - - -
Very heavy, very chaotic.
- - - -
Give peace a translation.
- - - -
Whoa. Tons of information. Very, very scary. Forward, factual (?), nevertheless, very comprehensive and vast. Lots of links, pro and anti concerning the state of the world.
- - - -
Anti-War designers.
- - - -
On a lighter note: This looks super funny.
- - - -
Keep yer eyes on negativeb.com, as my favorite Hebrew is updating his website with a new look. Shalom!

There Are 5 Comments

God damn it, Draplin. i was just on my way out the door, when I check your site, start clicking, and get sucked in for 40 minutes. I read the whole goddamn Warshington Monthly article and everything else, too. Jesus. Good stuff, and frightening. Thanks for sharing this. A valuable use of Innernet time…

Posted by: Pea "Jay" Chemille on 03/30/03 at 10:39 PM

That’s how we do it.

Posted by: Draplin on 03/30/03 at 11:19 PM

You’re on our list you fucking commie.

Posted by: Richard "PNAC Director" Perle on 04/01/03 at 8:26 PM

Draplin, I saw “A Mighty Wind” a few weeks ago at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin. It is indeed hilarious and will certainly have a cult following, just as “Best of Show” and “Waiting for Guffman” have.

Posted by: Cam on 04/01/03 at 9:56 PM

Moore’s a slob. Get off all this left wing vegan lovin anti-establishment crap and wrap your mind around Peak-Oil. War in Iraq - yeah, you like to drive, no?

Posted by: Dr. Campbell on 09/23/04 at 5:35 PM