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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 20, 2003
History? Herstory? Ourstory?
Posted at 11:48 PM

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments in yesterday’s post.

Wednesday night: Basically, I laid there in awe, frozen by the unfolding events.

One part of me wishes things didn’t have to come to this.
One part of me hopes ‘we’ are doing the right thing.
One part of me hopes ‘he’ is doing the right thing.
(Bush better be doing the right thing.)
One part of me feels like the Iraqi regime needs to be ousted.
A bigger part of me feels like our regime needs to be ousted.
One part of me feels like this should have been done long ago.
One part of me wants to sell my car and ride my bike instead.
One part of me feels we are gonna get “what we’ve had coming for a long, long time.”
A giant part of me can’t fathom the uncertainty in our near future.

I’m thankful for the protesters who believe in peaceful resistance.
I’m thankful for the folks on the corner who are supporting our troops.
I’m thankful I have the choice to agree, disagree or not give a fuck.

Patriotism? Optimism? Pessimism? Capitalism? Totalitarianism?

Lots of ‘nisms out there.

I think the voices of our nation are starting to be heard, refined, loud and clear. From all sides of the conflict. Hopefully, it is a good thing–overall–for the spirit of the country.

I get excited for the next chance to vote. I plan on voting, I plan on recruiting others to do so too. I feel like the vast, disenchanted sea of voices who usually don’t care, who are often overlooked, will be heard, coming out in numbers as defining citizens with a choice. George Bush…you pampered, privileged prodigal son…your days are numbered. You won’t squeek by next time.

I’m watchin’ the news, I’m reading the websites and blogs…from all angles…everything…from slick, cinematic mainstream sources to cynical watchdogs to human weblogs inside Iraq. I just want to “know.”

- - - -

Thank you to our troops who are out there doing their jobs. I’d like to think they are upholding our values, in a world that gets smaller every day. Not just “the elitist” values of “our” regime, (…fuckin’ Cheney’s slimy, greedy regime of corporate stockholders) but, the values of common folk who get to live in a free society.

Liberation? I hope so. Hope. My hope is that Iraqis will be able to enjoy the freedom I get to enjoy.

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Very well said!

Posted by: Terry on 03/21/03 at 4:24 AM

I’m sure the public perspective on things out in the “liberal” northwest is much different than here. Everywhere I look, I see some Midwestern Peckerwood Moron with a hand-made “Bomb Saddam” or “Liberate Iraq” sign. Idiots and fools just like to get fired up about war and machismo. The same idiots you see getting hauled out of bars for punching some guy who stepped on their foot are the ones blathering about the U.S. role in international diplomacy.

I think its interesting that we’re claiming to be spreading some sort of international democracy, all the while shunning the international democratic process that is represented by the United Nations.

Freedom is not just a convenient excuse for arrogance and hostility. It makes me fuck’n sick.

Posted by: Red-White-and-Blue-Ryno on 03/22/03 at 6:05 PM

Well said Draplin.

Yeah it’s a mess over there. Is this the right thing? Or is this whole “war” only a ploy for patriotism and approval ratings. (ALA the first Bush regime/Dessert Storm and the movie “Wag the Dog”).

The term “war” i use loosely. Legally, war can only be declared by congress (Japan in the 40s) or if a nation declares war on us (Germany in the 40s), I don’t want to see another Vietnam-territorial pissing composed of Presidential abuse of power.

Sometimes I look at these young, enthusiastic students I know and wonder how many I’m going to start hearing about in the future getting shipped over there and coming back in body bags…

Posted by: Weeny Liberal Maniotes on 03/22/03 at 7:13 PM

instead of “operation shock & awe” i think they should have called it, “operation let’s see what this missle does”
seems as though the government just wants an excuse to bomb stuff.

Posted by: roger cameron on 03/23/03 at 4:31 PM

I don’t know, buddy. I’m horrified, chilled, and immensly saddened, but yet part of me wishes I was there in uniform…

Posted by: Kurt "Too Bad I Had Knee Surgery" Halsey on 03/23/03 at 6:14 PM

Kurt is too small to fight in the military. And he has that bad tooth. They would never take him.

Get over the fantasy. You’re a luster, not a fighter.

Posted by: Ryan "Kurt Looks Like Milhouse" Simonson on 03/24/03 at 11:12 AM

How do we support the troops? We support our troops by not sending them in to fight an imperial war orchestrated by fanatical capitalists and Zionists. Those who say that in the end, pro or anti, we all need to fall in line and support the troops in this assault rest their argument on the morally bankrupt premise that since they hold US passports, American soldiers are of superior character to those of an enemy state. It’s ok though, the garbage can of history is probably a comfortable place for individuals of such a dubious nature, namely Arabs that for one reason or another will resist a foreign invader. Panama, Sudan and Afghanistan are all countries that in recent years have all felt the influence of American values. Their Sept 11ths have came and passed, but since the US had been flying the planes the means simply justifies the ends.

Posted by: ben cooley on 03/25/03 at 11:04 PM