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The week was a rough one. Work was steady, but not as crazy as I usually make it out to be. Things were rough cuz I have a cold. Yeah, shed a tear with me on this one.

I never get sick. (Knockin’ on my faux birch veneer Ikea desk) Well, once a year I come down with something…but I usually just sort of power through it, telling myself I’m okay and more-or-less psyching myself out. No big whup.

This goddamn bug has brought me down in a week of big developments.

Last night I met with Tommy Tucker and we talked through the basics of buying a house. I’m in good hands here, so don’t fret. Tommy Tucker is good people.

This afternoon I sat down with one Carol Flanagan of Northwest Mortgage to get the ball rolling with the “Pre-Approval Process” in signing my life away. I left with a pile of options, a small education and have some thinking/reading to do concerning the numbers.

I’m horribly terrified, but completely excited to do this, and do it right. I feel like the whole decision to “go for it” is completely positive, and will resonate later on, investment-wise. How about that? Buying a house. Whoa.

I’d like to thank CINCO’S Chris, Dean and Goo for covering for me as the week wore down…I should be back for the attack–100 percent–on Monday morning.

There is One Comment

You should buy an uber hip loft condo. Your neighbors on one side will be 44 year old yuppies who have martini parties on tuesdays and thursdays, and on the other side will be some bleached hair fake tan beach bum frat boy who somehow stumbled through college enough to land some hot computer job that allows him to live his extravegant lifestyle of rooftop hot tub beer bashes. And your parking spot in the underground parking garage will be between a Cadillac Escalade and Mini Cooper. You’ll have a hell of a time backing Big S out of your spot with that hideous yellow Hummer H2 parked right behind you.

Posted by: Kurt "Urban Dweller" Halsey on 03/01/03 at 8:48 AM