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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 15, 2003
Love Letter / Big Announcement / Warm Wishes
Posted at 01:23 AM

Being Valentine’s Day and all yesterday, with sentiments of love and affection in the air, and well, in other places; we thought we’d share a special note we found in our lonely travels around the city. Disbanded, the document in question was found on the ground, possibly dropped from a lover’s coat pocket or maybe even thrown away…a casualty of a fiery relationship gone bad?

Blue ink, on pink cardstock:

“Something happened when I met you. There was no jury deliberation, no questioning of my answer; I had been waiting for you for long enough. I knew what to do. Let go. Allow the unexpected to surprise like resurrected hope. Trust my feelings. Accept your acceptance. Learn a new dance… shoes or shoeless, blind, fearless…moment to moment.”

Man, love IS in the air. Or, on the ground. And hell, what about that “accept your acceptance” line? Man, that shit is so heavy, I don’t even know what it means! Phew.

In other amore’ news, I had a chat with Derek Denoyer tonight, just hours after a long friday designing page after page. D is getting married. Goddamn. Now, the last time we hung out–over the holidaze–he told me about the big engagement, and I’ll be damned, had a pretty gal with a ring on her finger to prove it. Jaws dropped.

Turns out I’m on the list for the the guys who will stand up for Derek. An honor. I’ve been on his side since the early ’90s. You bet.

This ceremony is slated for late August. I’m gonna book a ticket real soon, and get fitted for a tux, and all that. Well, I’ll get a ticket for starters. The “having to dress up” part is gonna get ugly. Oh yeah, push back this event back to say, late September, cuz…well, I do a lot of sweating in August. Thanks.

Best wishes to Derek and Alexis.