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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 24, 2003
Holy Bredemeier!
Posted at 09:36 PM

Any self-respecting tradesman who calls a “hard day in front of a monitor” a living should pay respect to the following master craftsmen featured in this here weblog. One of the true “commercial artists” out there who give our industry a good name; spend some time at the technically amazing Bob Bredemeier.com. And be sure to pay close attention, there is much to learn.

Man, what I’d give to be able to say, just once,

“This is a job for Bredemeier!”

The shoe sketch on the home page was used in one of our Finish Line projects. I was blown away by the finesse, craft and hyper-real likeness of the work.

I went through the whole site. My favorites are, “Lemon Iced Delight”, “3D Expanded Shoe Parts” and “Plastic Cell Phone Retouch.” Commercial. Art.

“Get Bredemeier on the line!”

There is One Comment

The man has a knack with the pixels. He is a living legend here in PDX. For all those out there looking to recreate Draplin’s quote, he pronounces it Bread-uh-mier. Oh, and he really is as happy as his bio pic.

Posted by: Munson on 02/25/03 at 9:52 AM