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Draplin Design Co., North America

Melissa will be out here in a three weeks. So good. I miss the girl. I look forward to gettin’ her back out here. Big plans are in the works for this young lady involving the Redwoods, school plans and her executive position in the Girlstuff Dept. of the Draplindustries Design Co.

Rejoice. I’m street legal. I got my Oregon driver’s license today. Hell, it only took me three times to pass the damn test. Man, they whipped me into shape real good. These last couple days, I’ve been reading that book with a fervor unmatched by like-minded scholars. My driving has totally improved. Well, all that book knowledge has made me privy to how many infractions are made each day, by my own hand, and others. We’re a bunch of road hacks.

I sent the last official spread of Sean’s book. Phew. What a project. Now, the publishers start to the process the pages, and the beast comes together for our approval. Very excited to see those pages get printed. The freelance slate is clean. It feels good. Gonna take some time for myself and take things easy.

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the cooley brothers story is a great one. congratulations to lil’ ben whowe can now refer to as “sassy ben”

Posted by: roger cameron on 02/20/03 at 9:21 AM

And just think I insured you for all those years and you didn’t know how to drive. Congrats on the license thing and more importantly, for getting your head out of your backside and having Melissa join you in the beautiful northwest.

Posted by: Mark Newhouse on 02/20/03 at 11:12 AM