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Draplin Design Co., North America


Ben and Matt Cooley stopped by late last week for a quick visit. They were in town on bereavement matters (which is always sad) but were down in Portland to see friends for the night. Their spirits seemed to be high, for the most part.

They came over to the pad and we did a little bit of catching up. Man, how they’ve grown.

We cruised over the Chris-n-Gretchen’s pad to chat and check up on Gretchen’s motherhood preliminaries. See, she’s carrying a little one, and even though this type is small, this information is very big and that much more exciting. Best of luck to the Hötz family. Good people. Like the Draplindustries Design Co., Chris makes a living in the Graphic Arts at NEMO design. Gretchen cuts hair at a sassy little joint called the Sugar Lab, chock full of “easy-on-the-eye” stylists. Next time the hair gets real bad, I’m gonna look to her for a solution.

It was good to see my little brothers. See, we formed a cemented brotherly bond moons ago in Bend, Oregon. My group of rat-tailed, slack-jawed friends took these little rugrats under our wings, teaching them the ways of the world. Ben snowboarded a bunch. Matt mastered the 3D Super Mario Brothers apparatus.

Nowadays, Ben is in the big city New York being a model. Matt is finishing up his Interactive Design degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Good things on the horizon for both of these kids.

I miss ‘em. Thanks for stopping in, men. Be careful out there.

There Are 5 Comments

Hey, Aaron, if I grow a slacker beard like Cooley, will I then look rugged enough to receive a DDC farmer’s cap? Or I am only dreaming…

Posted by: Kurt "Clean Shaven" Halsey on 02/19/03 at 8:05 PM

Notice how, even in the plain lighting of your apartment, the guy standing just to the left of Grizzly Adams has…”that look.” Not sure how else to describe it. Nice CSA books in the bg.

Posted by: Hoss Chimele on 02/20/03 at 8:33 AM

I’m surprised no one has thinned out Ben Cooley’s brows. With him being a model and all, I would assume he has a team of stylists and image direcotrs and what not that would try to persuade him into thinning them out a bit. Maybe “full and natural” is the look right now. You’d think a model would enjoy such pampering treatments as a wax and pluck job. Zoolander is my favorite movie. Has Ben seen that yet?

Posted by: Kurt "little plucker" Halsey on 02/20/03 at 7:32 PM

Kurt, can you even grow a beard?

Posted by: Matthew on 02/26/03 at 3:16 PM

Kurt would grow one little hair on his chin, make a painting about it and woo 342 lonely indie rock hags.

Then he’d say, “Hi, I’m Kurt. I can grow one little hair. I’m sorry.”

Posted by: Whisker Biscuit on 02/26/03 at 5:12 PM