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January 17, 2003
Hell, He's Got That "Look"
Posted at 02:10 AM

I will be forever amazed by what this kid is up to these days.

Ben, listen up: Kick their asses and don’t take any guff from nude I-talian supermodels. And while I’m doling out the advice: Be careful out there for fuck’s sake, on the road and on the runway.

- - - -

This Ben Cooley doesn’t have that “look.” Not even close.

- - - -

There Are 2 Comments

Someday, what I do will amaze you to, Aaron. I know that you have been disappointed in me ever since the bike accident discolored my left front tooth and ruined my chances of being a teenage model.

Posted by: Kurt "I beat PJ to this comment" Halsey on 01/17/03 at 7:47 AM

Aaron, please don’t ignore me anymore, surely you’d think that having one brown tooth lowers my self esteem enough as it is? I wanted to make you proud… but now I just want to die.

Posted by: Kurt "One Brown Tooth" Halsey on 01/19/03 at 8:54 AM