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Draplin Design Co., North America

Friday. Thank god. Man, things have been busy. Basically, since I stepped foot off the plane from the Holidaze vacation, I’ve been working non-stop on the new Gravis Fall/Winter 2003 catalog. Straight through. We are a couple pages away from being done. The team has really come together on this one. Our formula for success: Lots of design clusterfucking and long hours. Phew.

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Just working hard and making money. Good to hear they are working you real well- I know for a fact how lazy “designers” actually are at work. Heck, when you gave me the grand tour of Cinco I swear I saw more fingerboard half pipes, star wars toys, ping pong tables, and ding dong wrappers than I did computers.

Also, I found it very interesting that no one was commenting on your website when you were posting about such wonderful things as Eva Arlene and ringing in the new year. But now as soon as you post some disgusting acts of violence displaying the kind of world that we certainly don’t want Eva Arlene to be raised in, everyone chips in their two cents. I would expect more from my croonies if I wear you, Aaron.

Posted by: Kurt "I miss my cat" Halsey on 01/11/03 at 8:34 AM

Yeah, its weird for people to comment on a freakish and potentially fatal circumstance involving someone they know, that they may have even witnessed, especiallly after not commenting on the birth of a child to someone we have no connection to and have never withnessed in person. How strange, we modern people! It just burns me up!

I mean, that is one cute baby.

Posted by: ryno on 01/12/03 at 5:23 PM

Yo, Ryno- I’m just playing favorites here, kissing a little ass so that Ah-nee likes me more (he’s been mad at me even since I told him my cat humped one of the pillows Vanessa gave him for Christmas). You know how it goes. Like I know who Eva Arlene is either. I hate kids, and usually hate their parents even more because they are the ones who decided to breed in the first place.

Posted by: Kurt "vs. Ryno" Halsey on 01/12/03 at 7:41 PM

What’s up, Kurt. You trying to talk smack about that beautiful baby Eva Arlene, now.
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww….. That just really burns me up. Meet me around the corner from PJ’s place tomorrow at 8pm. I’ll show you a thing or two, mr. Cute Baby Hater….

Posted by: Ryno, brawlin' machine on 01/17/03 at 2:02 PM