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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 03, 2003
Back For The Attack
Posted at 09:05 AM

Made it back… from yet another amazing vacation back to the Michigan homelands. Many yarns to spin, from regular ‘ol stories of the human spirit to tales of street battle. Stay tuned.

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Hi Aaron. I think I may be the only one who reads your website anymore… or at least the only one kind enough to utilize your comments section. I, as a fellow host of my own website, appreciate all of the effort that goes in to maintaining one. There are others, like PJ, who complain about our lack of updates, but then never even updates his own site. I think I am just going to write to you by means of this comments section since you answer me back right away with this, unlike e-mail. Remember how I e-mailed you like a gazillion years ago trying to offer you money and royalties for design work, or at least rying to gauge your interest in such a project. It’s o.k., I know by your silence that it means you don’t need any more money or any more work, especially work dealing with some gay emo art. I’ve accepted that, and I have moved on. Now I only wish that you would move on from it as well.

Anyways, I love the DDC in 2003 logo. Inspired nicely by vintage milwaukee bus passes. Just enough flavor and emulation of it to make it work so smoothly. That’s what I like about you Aaron, you do good shit.

Hope you liked your vegan BBQ new year’s dinner.

Posted by: Kurt "Sick of Painting" Halsey on 01/04/03 at 10:12 AM

Happy new year Mr Draplin. Visits home are always a boost the the spirit, as long as they don’t last forever. It always scared me that I would feel 15 years old everytime I go home. And I can say 15 years old is nothing more than an occasional memory. Say hello to the old train croonies you see in the “Port” for me, if you happen into Mr Green ask him if he has any new jokes. Pam & Matt, haven’t heard form them for a while, 18 months & 13 days, but who’s counting. How are they doing? Make sure & drop a line when you get back to the northern heavens, I will put the boat in the water .

Posted by: John Crews on 01/04/03 at 7:13 PM