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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 15, 2002
Eva Arlene Aleshire
Posted at 01:40 PM


The world got that much better on Friday.

We’re pleased to announce, to the questionable roster of readers of this gazette, the warm-welcomed arrival of Eva Arlene Aleshire. Bry and Tracey Aleshire are the proud parents. They call Traverse City home and are surrounded by good family and friends. Their house is warm and Sam the dog is on guard for any mischief.

Just in time for Christmas. Based on motherly hearsay, the word is, little Eva came four weeks early.

Best wishes to the Aleshire family.

- - - -

For the record: This is the second Draplindustries Design Co. Officially Sanctioned Birthin’. Update on the first: Eric and Megan’s beautiful, vocal, little Hannah is developing just fine.

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Words to Bry from the trenches of fatherhood:
Having a little girl is pretty damn special. She’ll have you wrapped and twisted around her little-micro finger in a matter of months. And wait until the first time she snuggles up and falls asleep on your chest. Oh man, she’ll melt ya. Sleepless nights: get used to ‘em. And let the tar filled diapers commence, my friend. I’ll catch your soon-to-be humbled self on the flip-side. And please accept the Campbell family’s wishes for a healthy and happy Aleshire family unit.

Posted by: Eric "pushin'-thirty" Campbell on 12/16/02 at 7:46 AM

Better get prepped for the holidaze. Andy’s blood-thirsty.

Bare-chested Greco-Roman dong-swingin’ bitch-slap wrasslin’ in the streets of Chi-Town.

All the hard feelin’s come out during the holidays.

Posted by: ryno on 12/16/02 at 10:40 AM

Won’t be long until you’re hittin’ it raw and making babies again, Big D! Back n the saddle fo sho!

Posted by: Ryno on 12/18/02 at 10:14 AM

         All the best to the Aleshire family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: oswald on 12/19/02 at 2:02 PM

Undie pics would be nice you know…

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 12/19/02 at 5:12 PM