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November 21, 2002
Surrounded by Good People...
Posted at 02:57 PM

Had a good night last night. Had dinner with Arlie Carstens, Amanda Marsalis and Fasil Debeb. Good Thai food up on Hawthorne.

Good food, good conversation. We rounded the night out with a drink at the Shanghai Tunnel; which is downtown, in Berbati’s basement. Word is, back in the day this little basement was a good place to get Shanghai’ed onto a ship in the Willamette. Whoa. I found myself watching over my back for any shady sea-faring types. I had a little Oly and called it a night.

Please check out the respective links features above. I am very lucky to be surrounded by creative, progressive, good people. Inspiring folks. The sort of stuff that makes this little world go around for me. Thanks.

- - - -

And on an even brighter note: Melissa is coming out for the weekend to hang. It’ll be good to see her.