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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 01, 2002
Posted at 10:34 AM

Last night was pretty uneventful. I did get to hang with some foxy vixens from down south. Jardine Hammond, Jenn Sherowski and Annie Fast are in town for the weekend, up from Encinitas, California. These gals do time for the Transworld Snowboarding organization. They do a good job.

We met over at K2 Dan’s pad for a cold PBR before going down to Chopsticks Karaoke bar for a couple more PBR’s. Good times. We chatted, had some laughs and caught up on all the pertinent developments in our lives.

I even saw Tucker Fransen. He was good and loaded, and we shared many a firm handshake toasting the old days and the like. I used to have his snowboarding photos on my wall. Funny how this little scene works. Tuck is a stand up guy with a good work ethic, making things happen for himself in the Portland machining industry. He bought a little pad up on Sandy Blvd. I look forward to hanging with him here in the big city.

- - - -

Tonight we’re gonna be seafaring pirates on Portland’s very own “booze cruise.” Now I’m sure they don’t use that moniker in any official collateral; but to the young & enebriated of metro Portland, it is fondly known as this handle.

Up and down the Willamette River, getting good and lit in the cold Portland night.

- - - -

Novembrrr is here and man, it is chilly out. So refreshing. Going into battle: This morning I even threw on my Grease Monkey Corp. moto gloves to brave this new climate. (Thanks Campo.)

The house is a bit chilly, as I have to utilize the wall heaters a bit more. The sleeping quarters are good and toasty, which is priority one.

- - - -

Rent is paid, the bank account is good and corpulent and were in the official two week countdown phase of the upcoming “Bunch of Fuckers going to Austin” trip.