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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 23, 2002
Melissa Weekend
Posted at 12:15 AM


Thank the good Lord for Friday. Very, very welcomed after a long, ugly week in the trenches. Very busy, very productive, very good.

Melissa flew in yesterday afternoon. She took the Max in from the airport to the Lloyd Center. I took a break from work to pick her up. Her flight was smooth and steady. She isn’t too much of a frequent flier and tends to get a little nerve-wracked in the friendly skies. She had a couple good flights on her way out to Oregon.

Man, was it good to see her.

We’re havin’ a good time. Takin’ things easy, cruisin’ around town, chattin’, laughin’, etc. I’ve missed my friend so much.

Tonight we went to the CINCO Design show titled “2WheelsGood.” Jered Bogli and Dan Sharp from CINCO organized a little gathering with bike-inspired art, equipment and media. Good stuff. Lots of folks in attendance. Double-decker bikes! Custom bikes! Rim sculptures! We hung out a bit, had a cold one and cruised back out into the night.

It’s good to have Melissa out here.