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November 25, 2002
Kinetic in Seattle
Posted at 09:01 PM

Seattle was good. Many thanks to Arlie Carstens for the accommodations and his extensive list of experiences/points of interest he shared with us during our time there.

The first thing a couple of smalltowners like ourselves would notice in Seattle is the “city atmosphere” that is so alive and vital. The place seemed to be moving in every direction. It didn’t seem that big to me the last couple times I passed through. Skyscrapers. Puget Sound. Countless, bustling neighborhoods. Cosmopolitan.

Portland is a town. A burg. A hamlet. A small city. Just big enuff. Just right.

Our time was spent in a very kinetic fashion. Lots of driving up and down twisting streets and highways and dividers. Arlie offered up many, many points of interest as we navigated the city.

The EMP (Experience Music Project) was interesting. A little on the spendy side; but worth it for the most part. Notable sections/exhibits included the Jimi Hendrix wing, J Mascis’ stickered Fender Jazzmaster, Bob Dylan’s first guitar, Replacements set lists, a Johnny Cash suit, Jeff Nelson’s Teen Idles jacket, TAD’s Kurt Danielson’s bass, Krist Novoselic’s bass, Grandmaster Flash’s crew jacket, accessories from the Go-Go’s, Mark Arm’s Fender Mustang, old blues guitars, posters, handbills, notes, etc. I’m a fan, and always appreciate the history behind these artifacts.

The interactive section was the best. It was this large studio-esque room, complete with dramatic lighting with a range of musical instruments to try out. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards… complete with a computer screen walking you through the finer points of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Surreal. There is something about watching a guy who looks like that painfully regular uncle you have, plucking the opening notes to that song. Interesting. Sad. Homogenized.

And, and, and, they have little soundproof rooms with complete drum sets and amps and axes. Man, I beat the shit out of that set, much like a gorilla. I think I spooked Melissa. I went nuts.

Being tourists and all, we had to do the Space Needle. Real good.

Had a breakfast with Sean Sullivan too. Good eatin’.

Now, being on the road and in such a beautiful city is one mean combo, but man, having Melissa out here took the cake. Thanks again for coming out. Much lobbying took place. It was good to be with her. For more girlfren lobbying click right here.

Back for the attack, in my small city, workin’ hard on this and that.